21 April 2011


In my pre-kid days I took a class at the gym that started at 5:30 a.m. (Yeah; I know.) I remember driving there one Friday . . .  Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, the biggest shopping day of the year. For this reason more cars filled the road than usual for that time. Near the end of my drive, I stopped for a green light. I have no idea why, but I slowed down and came to a complete stop at the traffic light. In the moment it took me to think “what the heck am I doing?” a car ran the red light across my path.
One night three years ago, as my second daughter was sleeping next to me, I started watching her chest move up and down gently as she breathed that sweet baby breath. But after a while, it wasn’t moving. Now, I know young babies (she was about six weeks at the time) sometimes have weird breathing patterns, but this seemed like an eternity (although probably only about 20 seconds). I put my hand on her and startled her a bit, she let out a gasp, and then she went right back to sleep, breathing normally, as if nothing had happened. I have wondered what the outcome would have been had we not been co-sleeping.
About two months back I had a “mishap” with the car involving a failed wheel bearing (which leaves you unable to steer properly). I felt for weeks something was just not right with the car, but I chalked it up to paranoia and never mentioned it. Thankfully, all it did was send me into a curb at 15 miles per hour right outside the military base where we live instead of into another car on the highway, into the guard rail on the bridge I crossed over one minute earlier, or worse. Two of my three babies were in the car with me.
I’m not sure if these would be considered “miracles” by most, but to me they were. I think of miracles as confirmation that God is looking out for you: Things that happen in your life that you attribute to God’s provision. When I recognize them (and I admit sometimes it takes a while) I make an effort to consider that perhaps God is trying to tell me something. Any time God speaks to you is a miracle. And if you’re really listening, God is *always* speaking to you.
“Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.”
—Author Unknown
My Littlest Miracle
I can remember other examples as well, probably not unique to me. I’m sure most mothers can relate to the following:
When your three-year-old impulsively runs out into the street or parking lot to get something that blew away, and no car is coming at that exact moment, although there were plenty of vehicles around just before and just after. 
That time when you have your hands full, trying to get a toddler up the stairs, and she slips, and your heart stops imagining her flailing down, but she doesn’t.
Being frustrated when your child makes you “late” by being demanding of your time and you come upon an accident at your exit that just happened, that could have been you if you were on time and out there five minutes sooner.
Accept the reminders from God. Listen. Appreciate them, and praise Him for the little miracles in your life.


  1. Just recently I was walking down the stairs with my little one. I was in front of her as there is no hand rail and the stairs are tiled. She wobbled and started to fall. My hand instantly jetted out in front of her and her chest slapped down hard on my open palm as I caught her. It was terrifying for me and it did hurt her a little but had I been beside or behind her on the stairs, she would have probably tumbled the whole way down doing who knows what kind of damage to herself. Those kinds of things happen all the time if we just take notice.

    Jessica G

  2. I hate the steps in our apartment building. (We're on the second floor.) I always make sure I have a free hand to hold onto J, and I make E walk behind me. I frequently run stuff out to the car the night before just so I don't have my hands full in the morning.

  3. And, yet, I feel like sometimes we completely dismiss these as miracles not worthy of celebrating. Shame on us (or me)! I'll be watching for these little miracle today- thank you!

    ~Sunny (http://motheringbyfaith.blogspot.com)

  4. I love your definition of a miracle. I often wonder how many more miracles that God has performed that we never know about. Perhaps he guided us to another route, and we never knew that our usual route would have resulted in an accident. God is amazing!

  5. I love that you think of the "mundane" as miracles--it's so true! I have many instances that I can think of similar to you stopping at the green light; I like knowing that God is keeping us safe. :o)

  6. You are so right! Sometimes we think of miracles as huge, life changing events, but really, a miracle is just what you said: God looking out for us. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I agree miracles are confirmations that God is looking out for us!

    a latte of blessings & giggles to you and yours,

  8. You are so right about the little miracles in our lives. Unfortunately I'm usually so distracted by other stuff I don't notice or appreciate them. Thanks for reminding me to appreciate the small miracles.

  9. I think are lives are full of "little miracles" that we're just too busy to stop and notice. God is certainly praised when we take time to praise Him for the "small miracles" that we recognize would change our lives. So glad you shared. Found you today through the HAH blog hop. :)


  10. "I think of miracles as confirmation that God is looking out for you: Things that happen in your life that you attribute to God’s provision." - Loved this!

    Thanks for participating in our first HAH Blog Hop!

  11. What an encouraging post. Yes, I can look back and see several times when God has stepped in and saved the day. He is faithful like that. :)