02 May 2011

Food, Yummy Food

My little Moose turned six months yesterday. 
Agent A . . . lookin good.
For about two weeks now, he’s been nursing nonstop and showing even more interest than usual in our mealtimes. I decided to try some solid food. I’m going with a different method than I did with my girls: baby-led weaning. This should be fun.
Baby-led weaning is simply letting Baby feed himself/herself when ready and able. Instead of starting with cereals and purees, you start with real food and let him/her decide what and how much to eat.
It’s not about making your own baby food, which, while admirable, is something I did not succeed with for my first two babies. (With Agent E, I started with that awful, pasty rice cereal just like I was “supposed” to. Agent J’s first food was applesauce.) It’s more about skipping that phase altogether. I assume babies ate prior to the founding of Gerber and the advent of Cuisinart. They must have gone directly from breastfeeding to eating “real food,” so how did they do it? 
I found some great resources/links from KellyMom on starting solids, including reasons to delay solids until at least six months, signs of readiness, and suggested first foods. Agent A has been exclusively breastfed until now—no bottles, no formula—and I will continue to nurse him for the remainder of his first year and beyond. Breast milk will continue to be his primary source of nutrition for quite some time.
Anyway . . . we put half a banana on his tray and let him have at it. 

What am I supposed to do with this?
Toward the end of our little “experiment” I mushed it up a bit to see if he showed more interest. (Not really.)

Ooh . . . squishy.
And so it begins. Next up: Carrots.


  1. I also prolong introducing foods. I couldn't breastfeed anymore, so he is on bottles, but he is 6 months, and hasn't had anything else yet, and it will probably be a month or two before I start trying real food.

  2. Good luck. I think this method will actually be easier in the long run, especially when we travel with him this summer. And it's all just for fun now . . . babies don't really *need* food at this age (in spite of what companies that sell baby food might like us to believe).