29 July 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (1)

Welcome to my first time participating in 7 Quick Takes Friday hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary. I have no idea if I'm supposed to be coming up with a list of  related items or just random musings. I'll go with random . . . likely shorter than my usual ramblings since it's already Friday morning and I haven't put much thought into this.

1. Starting to seriously consider homeschooling. I'm a bit overwhelmed at all the information out there. And a bit in awe of folks who actually pull this off.

2. Continually amused by my five-year-old's questions. Why do people get married? When I get married, will there by a baby in my tummy? How does your breast pump work?

3. Hubby is coming home today after four days out of town. Four days is nothing; we've done many more months. Yet, it's been rare for him to be gone lately, and so we don't have a procedure in place for Non-Daddy Day-to-Day Living.

4. I have the most adorable baby boy in the entire world. (Okay, so other parents of baby boys may disagree.)

This little prince will be 9 months old soon
5. Planning our next Inside of Italy Adventure (as opposed to our next Outside of Italy Adventure, which won't be until Christmas) . . . Venice (never been) and Florence (we went over spring break but had to cut our trip short due to puking).

6. Three-year-olds are very emotional creatures. Just sayin.

7. Next Friday I will be more prepared and have something witty to say. Really.

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  1. You had me at Italy ... you live in Naples???? My mother is from Verona (our relatives still live there) and just last year my husband and I took our three boys to Rome, and then we ventured south to Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Beautiful.

    If you go to Venice, stay overnight ... walking around in the twilight is so beautiful. Be warned though: you will get a workout pushing a stroller over the gazillion bridges.