12 August 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (3)

Another Friday, another 7 Quick Takes post  . . . be sure to visit Conversion Diary and check out some other great bloggers.
1. Agent E informed me that someday she will get married and have a baby in her tummy and it will be a girl and she will name her Crystal Star. Agent J is planning on a boy, named Pants. Both will feed their babies Mommy Milk, because that's what babies like.
Agent J in Pompeii last summer
2. I freaking love hand sanitizer. It seems that antibacterial hand gel is something folks enjoy bashing, so I just thought I'd throw that out there. Yes, I get the whole resistance to germs chatter, I fully understand the joys of hand washing with soap and water, and I'm not trying to control my children's free access to dirt in any way. However, I have the Julia factor (possibly the most disgust-loving three-year-old girl, ever; seriously, NOTHING is too gross for this child). Plus, traveling with three little ones in a country where you just cannot assume adequate bathroom facilities will be found, let alone a soap dispenser . . . well, let's just say I've learned to love a quick swipe with sanitizer when it's our only option. Oh, and Agent E is kind of freaked out by hand dryers, so sometimes we need to scuttle out of public restrooms quickly. So, yes: I am one of those moms.

3. Still debating this homeschooling thing. I am really leaning toward yes, but still wondering if Agent E will be disappointed. Any homeschoolers out there who can share how they explained homeschooling to their children? I'm worried now that she knows what school "is" she'll think she is missing out somehow. At five, I don't think she's going to care about my musings on child psychology and the state of public education, or appreciate my take on the value of one-on-one teaching with a customized curriculum.
4. Agent A became super-mobile in the last week or so. I love to watch him slither across the floor, and then suddenly shoot up into a sitting position and scan the room like a meerkat on sentry duty. Went for his 9-month check-up with Dr. P this week; a little shorter and a little heavier than the Senior Agents at 9 months. Cute as ever, in my completely unbiased opinion.
You can't even tell I am 7 months pregnant here
5. We mostly have our December vacation planned . . .  likely our last "big" trip while living in Europe. We're going to London and Paris, and for the last two days of the trip we're going to take the train over to Disneyland Paris (and spend Christmas day in Disney, including Christmas dinner with Mickey and company). We are not going to tell E and J about it. They know we are going to London and Paris, but Disney will be a complete surprise. They are going to freak out.
6. In last week's 7QT post I mentioned clearing out my blogging draft file. This week I've tried to streamline my e-mail inbox and both Facebook pages. My next step is to create a new "About Me" section for this blog . . . I have the little blurb over in the sidebar, but I think I can do better.
7. Witnessed earlier this week at the food court on base: Mom attempting to leave with two children, maybe three-ish and one-ish. Three climbs on one of those "rides" you put a quarter in or whatever. Mom says: "Get down right now!" Three ignores her. Mom says, okay, ten seconds. One wants up. Mom says "no" and then two seconds later lifts him on. Says again to Three "ten seconds" and starts counting. One, two (pulls out iPhone), three (pauses to check something), three (lost her place apparently), four (pauses to text something) . . . do you see where this is going? I share this story only to express my sincere hope that this is not me when my children and I are out together. Sigh.


  1. Yes, finding a public restroom in Italy can be a challenge, requiring a lot of planning and coordination (i.e. we are in a restroom NOW and you WILL go whether you need to or not!).

    Last summer we took the train to Venice, and upon arriving decided to immediately hit the restrooms in the station before exploring. My boys were horrified/amazed/shocked that we had to pay an attendant to gain admission into the restrooms.

    And you're right, hand sanitizer (and wipes) are a necessity.

  2. Wow. I feel better knowing that my son isn't the only child terrified of blowers in restrooms. We have stock in antibacterial gel. Also, BabyGanics has a great antibacterial wipe