05 August 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (2)

Once again it's time for 7 Quick Takes Friday. Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting. (For some reason I cannot get the logo to post here. Darn technology!) A few of these I've already mentioned in recent posts so forgive me for my repetitiveness, but I'm thinking out loud here.

1. On Boob Talk
World Breastfeeding Week is wrapping up. I reposted one of my previous musings on breastfeeding yesterday.

2. On Homeschooling 
Let's just say it's been a week of researching and list-making and Googling, oh my. I will share some of my efforts in Monday's post.

3. On Potty Training and How It May Kill Me
I'm not a big fan of statistics, but I keep finding this one in several reputable sources so I'm inclined to believe it: 98% of children are daytime potty trained by their 4th birthday. Guess who very well may end up in that last 2%? Oh, yes; Agent J. She is so completely and totally uninterested. She is 3 years and 4 months. The three-year-old preschool class requires it. School starts in a month, so in all likelihood she will not be going. Although, I'm not sure I would have sent her anyway, given our newfound desire to homeschool her older sister.

4. On What I'm Currently Reading
Agents A and C waking up from a nap
It's not an "easy" read, but I'm working through Hold On To Your Kids: Why Parents Need To Matter More Than Peers by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate. Any of you read it? Let me know . . . I'd love to hear your thoughts.

5. On Death and Princesses 
My five-year-old recently summed up the life of a princess for me: first you die (or something equally horrible happens), then you kiss, then you dance, then you get married. Yes; that's about right.

6. On Clearing Out the Drafts List
Several potential topics have been cluttering my blogging to do list for quite a while now. I think it's time to let go. Some I have incorporated into my 7QT posts; I felt the need to express the idea but not enough to make it a complete post of its own. Others are just going to die via the delete button. It's actually quite liberating to prune like this. I feel like I've freed up some brain space to engage some new ideas.

7. On a New Posting Schedule
A while back I decided I would post once a week, on Thursdays. Then I started sharing twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, even if I didn't have a well-thought-out plan. Then this 7QT Friday post slipped in there and I was up to three posts a week. If I'm not careful, soon I'll have something to write about every single day.


  1. Love take 5 and the photo of Agent A & C. Good luck with the potty training!

  2. My 5 yr old potty trained at 3 yrs 7 months....that's when he was ready. Don't stress!

  3. Who knew there was a World Breastfeeding Week? As someone who nursed all three of her boys, I am delighted. I read your post on breastfeeding, and I totally agree with your sentiment that you couldn't separate motherhood and nursing ... and as hard as it can be (it is not easy, especially in the beginning) I really miss those quiet times.

    And about the potty training ... EVERYONE learns, eventually:)))))