15 August 2011

The One Where I Complain and Sound Mean

I'm having one of those weeks (months?) where it seems my life is a neverending cycle of washing dishes, clothes, and butts. I find myself being short with the Agents a lot, and super-irked with everything. Grrr!

What am I supposed to do now?
I strive to be conscious (mindful) in my interactions with my children, I really do. Plenty of times, however, I feel like a gentle parenting failure

Lately I've been exasperated with the Agents, with myself, with life. By the end of some days last week, I would have gladly traded my middle child for a margarita and a bag of chocolates.

I love that I have discovered so many wonderful parent writers telling their stories. Reading what other mothers share about their own parenting journeys really helps me to stay on course and feel less alone. 

But—confession time here—sometimes reading what others have to say just frustrates me. And makes me feel worse.

Why? Because I have to admit that when I read some really great discipline tips on a new blog, and then go to the author's bio and see that she has one toddler, I roll my eyes just ever so slightly.

Okay, a lot.

To be perfectly blunt, its not easy reading discipline advice from someone who thinks they have it all together because they were blessed with one compliant child who hasn't even hit preschool age yet. I'm probably going to lose my Blogger Congeniality Award for saying this, but it can be downright annoying at times.

Agents E and J ready to go
You know what I really want to see? More gentle parenting and natural parenting and respectful communication blogs or websites written by folks who make it work with three or more closely spaced children. I'm not saying that one child isn't work; parenting is hard, period. But . . . it's different on so many levels when there are more little people than big people. (Don't get me wrong; some of my absolute favorite reads are from bloggers with one or two children. This is most definitely not directed at anyone specific. Just random venting.)

Please tell me there are also medium to large families out there making gentle parenting work. Please tell me that it's not just me feeling this stretched and outnumbered. Please tell me some one gets it.

I'm on a quest for gentle parenting bloggers with multiple little ones. If you are one, let me know! If you know one (or more), forward me your favorites! Please help me expand my blogging horizons. (And be less grumpy.)


  1. Do you ever read Dulce de Leche? (http://dulcefamily.blogspot.com/) Hers was the first that popped into my head that fit your criteria.

    I found your blog last week with the 7 Quick Takes and had a nice little perusal around. I am glad I have found it!

  2. Yes; I read her blog and follow her on FB. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. We're *mostly* gentle/AP parents - but with four boys it does get HARD and I will confess to getting a good lung/vocal chord workout some days and the little girl gives us ALL a run for our money at times (she's 2) but if you're up for it, I blog about some of that at times (among other things :) I'll have to go check out the dulce de leche blog too.

    They're super-conservative Christian but there is always the Duggar family in a pinch. They have *19* and manage to stay pretty AP and even gentle. The mom (Michelle) is known for never yelling... go figure!

  4. I don't know how she is always so calm. Seriously, it's almost freaky.

  5. Poor Momma! I only had one myself, but as a carer I've dealt with up to 16 toddlers or 20 preschoolers at a time. Totally admire you doing it 24/7, believe me- it's hard enough keeping one's temper for an 8 hour shift.