30 September 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (9)

Once again it's time for 7 Quick Takes Friday hosted by Jennifer at Conversion Diary. Check out her blog and be sure to scroll down to see some other great posts linked there.

Just call this one the Kind of Boring Random Edition . . . I am writing this on Friday morning at 6:00 and I am not feeling very together.

1. I stopped reading one of my favorite writers/bloggers because of some things that were . . . offensive? (not really the right word) . . . inaccurate? (well, yes, kind of) . . . disappointing? (I think that is closer) . . . judgmental? (now we're getting somewhere) . . . alienating? (maybe that's it). I have seen her writing in a new light recently and I'm not liking what has come into focus. 

2. Hubby and I are being social with some of his work peeps tonight. Agents will be in attendance as well. I hear lots of food will be involved, so that's good.

3. Went all neurotic planner this week and came up with a weekly cleaning list and a meal rotation. Go me.

4. Along with the planning theme, I also worked a bit on revising my blog calendar. Going to try a few new things for October and see how it goes. Then I will be traveling for much of November and December and all my good intentions will go right out the window and I'll start over with a new plan in January anyway.

5. My daughter played her first computer games this week. (She's five. I'm not sure when other parents introduce such things?) How much of a geek does it make me if I only let her use my computer (which is a Mac) and not my husband's (which is, um, not)? 

6. Homeschooling Month One is almost finished. So far, so good.

7. Anyone have success with wearing an older baby in a Moby? I bought one when I was pregnant with A (who will be 11 months tomorrow) and I have yet to figure it out. The material seems too thick, I am too uncoordinated to wrap it correctly, and/or he is just too moose-y (23 pounds, about 10.5 kg) . . . although it claims to go up to much heavier. Anyway, I've been trying the "sling hold" and I'm beginning to think it's User Error. Perhaps I will pass it along to Someone Who Knows What She Is Doing.

This is kinda how I'm feeling this week . . . a mess


  1. Hang in there Momma! I know how you feel. I'm feeling pretty scattered this week too.

  2. I don't have a Moby - I tried using other slings when mine were younger and finally just sewed my own. It has served me well through five children (the 5th is now 5 months old). Sometimes you just have do to things your own way!

    My kids use MY computer (Mac), but not my husband's (also a Mac). It is likely just a Mom/Pop thing ;)