08 September 2011

Random Discipline Reminders

I've written a bit on discipline on this blog, including my own failures. In general, I take three things into consideration when considering positive discipline at our house:

This was taken 6 (!) months ago . . . one of my favorites
Does it sound like a plan for training pets?
If so, I probably don't want it applied to my children.

Would I be comfortable with another person (e.g., teacher, babysitter, friend) implementing it in my absence?
If not, I probably shouldn't be using it either.

Will it have a positive effect on our relationship?
I try to abide by a connect first, address second guideline.

My goal for this week, this day, this hour (on those really frustrating days) is to remember the relationship I have with my children is more important than any "issue" we deal with. 

I will focus on the positive and the present. 

I will speak intentionally and kindly.

I will demonstrate not demand.

Join me?

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  1. Such good principles--and very succinct! Thanks for sharing :)