01 September 2011

Sleep, Routine, and Other Epic Failures

So it seems the Agents have gotten on this new sleep pattern and I am not a fan.

I like routine. I like to be up early. I like to come home from traveling and get back to "normal" days as soon as possible. Usually my children have other ideas. Since we returned from our vacation last Friday, bedtime has moved to later and later, and wake-up time has shifted as well. (Although I guess I should be grateful they are at least sleeping in a bit . . . usually when this happens they start going to bed late and getting up early.)

Friday night camp out in the living room
Side note: We recently rearranged our sleeping configuration so we now have three queen beds in our master bedroom. (Yep, three.) It's actually one on a bed frame, one mattress only, and one foam mattress top. Andrew sleeps on the mattress and the girls sleep on the topper thingy. Hubby and I get the "real" bed. Inevitably at some point Andrew migrates to the girls' bed . . . at least a few times a week I find him curled up in a ball at the foot of their bed like a cat, dozing peacefully.

Anyway, I am a morning person, so it's nice to have some extra time to myself in the mornings, but we are also starting on this homeschooling gig next week, and if they aren't getting out of bed until 8:30 or 9:00 . . . well, that kind of ruins my evil, master plan.

Of course I have an ideal plan in my head of how the perfectly executed day would flow. It happens about . . . never.

10 months of beautiful, squishy baby
You would think with all the traveling we have done I would be a pro at Operation Get Back On Routine by now, but alas, no. Any pointers? How are y'all getting into your school year (homeschooling, public, private, or otherwise) groove? We start Monday and I don't want to be all out of sorts.

p.s. Agent A is 10 months old today!

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  1. Oh, the sleep craziness! My children have enjoyed lately playing musical beds. Each morning is a surprise to find who is where! Best of luck to you and your family as you begin your homeschooling journey! Visiting form the link up-- thanks for sharing!