28 October 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (13)

Ooh, yes . . . it's Friday! As always, check out Jennifer's post at  Conversion Diary and the other posts linked below hers. If you blog, join us! These posts are quite fun to write (and to read) each week.

1. I started this blog back in June 2010, but didn't really write consistently until I created a Facebook page for it in March 2011. Currently I try to post 2-4 times per week. In addition to the 7 Quick Takes fun, I enjoy participating in other blog hops and carnivals as well.

2. Speaking of blog carnivals, I just joined one this morning, and my post can be found here.

3. Do you have a set plan for Bible reading? Follow one of those Bible-in-a-year schedules? Stick with mostly the New Testament? Prefer a Bible study that jumps around to a variety of passages? Just go in order from Genesis to Revelation?

4. Agent E just declared it Jaguar Day. (Tomorrow, if you're curious, has been designated Tigger Day.)
This guy has a birthday coming up
5. Next week the Agents and I are all getting flu shots. We did not get them last year, and guess what? We all had the flu. Not that getting the vaccine is a foolproof way to avoid it. But, I will be totally kicking myself for not doing it in January when we're all holed up in here, feverish and coughing and nauseous. We're going on Tuesday because Hubby is off (All Saints Day is a work holiday in Italy) and I need back-up.

6. Agent A turns one next week! I know everyone always says this, but I seriously cannot believe it's been a whole year. Wow.

7. Today could potentially be a three-post day (a first) if I'm able to get my Weekly Wrap-Up together this afternoon.


  1. I just finished reading the entire Bible with the Bible in 90 Days program. Straight throguh, 12 pages a day. It was quite an undertaking, but I really learned a lot from moving so quickly. It helped me keep things in context. Check out Mom's Toolbox.com or google Bible in 90 Days. It's not a study program, just strictly a reading program. Check it out if you get a chance!

  2. Oh, I love hearing people's plan for Bible study.
    Wait, let me clarify: I love hearing people's plan for a Catholic Bible study.

  3. Ann-Marie, I have friends who did the 90 days reading. I think I could do it time-wise, but I'm not sure I would really be able to focus. I tend to read quickly, but I miss a lot. Usually when I'm reading anything I have my highlighter and/or pen with me and tend to go slowly to take it all in. I will check it out though.

  4. Cari, what do you see as the main differences between a Catholic Bible study and a Protestant Bible study? What about an unbeliever or agnostic picking up the Bible for the first time and wanting to study it?