09 December 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (16)

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A short, random list today . . . with significantly less complaining than last week.

1. Do you ever find yourself starting a conversation with "Remember that episode of Dora when . . ." or "You know how Donald Duck is always . . ." Um, yeah. Me neither.
2. I just joined an online book discussion group, because apparently I believe that come January I will magically transform into a person who doesn't procrastinate.
3. We have free TV channels for the month of December, so we have been overdosing on television. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) We tend to do mostly DVDs around here, so seeing new programs is really quite the novelty for the Agents. And I had to explain commercials to Agent E.
4. Is it possible to have a cold for two months? Or maybe I just need to get out of this country.
5. Poll: How many outfits do you pack when you go on vacation? One per day or do you assume rewearability to save space? I have convinced myself that for our next vacation I will be able to pack winter clothes, diapers, and stuff for five people for seven days into two suitcases. My husband doubts my sanity on this one, but I am determined to pull it off.
6. One morning this week while I was having my coffee, Agent J came out to the living room and informed me, "Mommy, I just peed all over your bed."
Clean up time is so much fun
7. Agent A is a very happy baby (see adorable photo) who loves to clap . . . for strawberry smoothies, at hearing Daddy's keys jingling outside the door, when his sisters smother him in kisses. The other day he was nursing, looked up at me, unlatched, and applauded.


  1. Thinking about #1: I don't start conversation like that, but I do find myself still watching those shows after my daughter has gone to bed.

  2. #5--I'm the master of packing light for the family, and unless you are going somewhere that absolutely doesn't have access to washing (and we've been overseas with light luggage and never had this problem), don't bring an outfit for every day. My rule of thumb is that everyone gets three complete outfits, plus the potty trained toddler gets one spare of pants/undies, and the baby gets one spare outfit for the plane (usually a sleeper since it packs small). Everyone has one set of jammies. I plan to wash once or twice while whereever we are.

    We bring enough diapers for a day or two and plan to buy when we get there (or if relatives, have sent ahead from amazon.com). I can usually get stuff for 7 days for our family of five into two carry-on size suitcases, although one larger checked piece plus one carryon would probably work too. When we were a family of four, we traveled to Ireland for 10 days with only carry on luggage (and the baby was 3 months at the time). I admit, sippie cups, busy bags and the like all take up space, but if your children are old enough to carry even a small bag, they can carry their own busy bag on the plane or in the car.

    So to summarize, our luggage is usually: Maclaren Volo stroller, Ergo, diaper bag (backpack), two carry-on size roller suitcases, medium canvas shoulder bag for the plane.

  3. Juliana, you are the packing master! For long trips, we usually plan to buy diapers at some point, so we don't need to pack as many. We have only rarely had access to laundry facilities on our travels through Europe, and even then they are the crazy tiny European washers, and they may or may not have dryers, or (my favorite) the one machine that both washes AND dries your clothes but does neither very well. My oldest will have one small backpack, basically holding the entertainment (paper, crayons, stickers, small toy, etc.), snacks, and waters for all three kids. It's winter, though, so rewearing is not as much of an issue as in hot, yucky summer. Plus, I figure it's going to be highs around 45-46 F (7-8 C), and we'll be outside a lot, so we're all going to be in jackets 90% of the time anyway, so who cares what we have on, LOL :-)
    Our general travel rule is that hubby must be able to manage all bags and I herd all children (for getting through airports, on and off trains, etc.).

  4. #2.Haha, One day I'll read a book again..
    #6. At least they let you know and it wasn't a surprise :0)

  5. Conservamom, the only reason I even considered the book thing is because I've already read it! It's a book that was used in a Bible study I did when the girls were still in preschool and I was pregnant with A. Doing a study of a brand new book that I had to keep up with weekly, I don't think I could handle!

  6. The other day, I caught myself thinking, "oh for Heaven's sakes, I KNOW you're the map." as I was picking up the living room and my kids were watching Dora.

  7. I think more babies should applaud their nursing mamas... that's gotta be good for morale, right? ;)