23 February 2011

On Second Thought . . .

Recently I mentioned never having the desire to homeschool my children, and the fact that they don’t even like “playing” school with Momma. Yet I am perusing homeschooling websites and printing activities for them daily, and they are enjoying it immensely . . . sigh.

We are without a car for about two weeks, and while I have arranged rides on some days to avoid missing too much school, we have found ourselves home all day more than usual. My 4.5-year-old, who previously informed me “Mommy doesn’t do school, just Miss Donna [her teacher]” is LOVING her “school work” she completes with Momma, and every day she proudly puts it on the fridge. (After recycling the previous day’s work to make space on said fridge.) She even calls me “Miss Mommy” when in school mode. I let her decide what we do each day. Today’s request: shapes, colors, maps, and anagrams. Should be fun. My 2.5-year-old kinda participates, but she mostly ends up shredding the worksheets and diving off the couch instead.

I still can’t imagine doing this much past the preschooler stage, but for now it’s actually more fun than I thought. Who knew?

Boob Talk

Creating offspring opens you up to all sorts of stupidity in the way of unwarranted commenting. People love to offer advice about things they know nothing about. By far, the commentary on nursing is the best. And by best, of course, I mean most ridiculous. Following are my three favorite bizarre breastfeeding “tips” I have personally received:

You can’t nurse her when she goes to kindergarten!
Well, if you are just talking logistics and milk production, technically, one *can* do this, but WE have chosen not to. E weaned around age 3 (after over a year of only nursing once a day, or once every other day). J weaned around age 2 (during my pregnancy with A). A is only 3.5 months old, so it will be a while before weaning is even considered. I hope to continue to nurse him until at least age 2.

Well, you can’t just whip it out wherever you want! (For crap’s sake, decency!)
Don’t worry; I have this one covered. No, literally . . . my baby’s head is bigger than my breast. Even with full nursing boobs, it would be a stretch to call myself a B-cup. Nothing exposed. No whipping of any kind to be had.

Your son will nurse better/longer/more ferociously because he is a boy and males like breasts!
Whiskey? Tango? Foxtrot? I don’t even know where to begin with this one.