29 July 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (1)

Welcome to my first time participating in 7 Quick Takes Friday hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary. I have no idea if I'm supposed to be coming up with a list of  related items or just random musings. I'll go with random . . . likely shorter than my usual ramblings since it's already Friday morning and I haven't put much thought into this.

1. Starting to seriously consider homeschooling. I'm a bit overwhelmed at all the information out there. And a bit in awe of folks who actually pull this off.

2. Continually amused by my five-year-old's questions. Why do people get married? When I get married, will there by a baby in my tummy? How does your breast pump work?

3. Hubby is coming home today after four days out of town. Four days is nothing; we've done many more months. Yet, it's been rare for him to be gone lately, and so we don't have a procedure in place for Non-Daddy Day-to-Day Living.

4. I have the most adorable baby boy in the entire world. (Okay, so other parents of baby boys may disagree.)

This little prince will be 9 months old soon
5. Planning our next Inside of Italy Adventure (as opposed to our next Outside of Italy Adventure, which won't be until Christmas) . . . Venice (never been) and Florence (we went over spring break but had to cut our trip short due to puking).

6. Three-year-olds are very emotional creatures. Just sayin.

7. Next Friday I will be more prepared and have something witty to say. Really.

28 July 2011

I Never Thought I'd Say This

I'm thinking about homeschooling my children.
There; I said it.
Not this year, but maybe next year when we move again.
Eva and Julia walking to school.
I previously proclaimed that this would never work for us. I've also professed my love of the structure school provides when it comes to having a consistent routine.
Honestly, I used to think People Who Homeschool were on-the-fringe freaks wanting to shelter their kids from the real world. Or religious extremists. Or hippies. Or just plain weird.
I'm not weird. Okay; maybe they're not either. Sigh.
Yes, I'm considering it . . . partly because I think my children would learn best in this setting. Partly because I think I could do a good job teaching to their strengths. Partly because I hated school. Partly because I was bored through most of school. Partly because I wasted a lot of time in public school learning ridiculous crap. (When did you last need to conjugate a list of obscure Spanish verbs? diagram a compound sentence? show off your speed math drill talents? I thought so.)
Bear with my schizophrenic thoughts here; I'm going somewhere with this. I promise.
Agent J enjoying art time.
Not knowing where to begin, I did what I do best: Obsessive Googling and List-Making. And contacting every friend of a friend of a friend who may have at one point given the slightest thought to educating their children at home.
Lists I've come up with so far:
Some Reasons the Agents and I Would Probably Love Homeschooling
  • We can study what we want and at our own pace.
  • We can make our own school/learning timetable, taking Hubby's crazy hours/schedule into account.
  • We would enjoy year-round school with frequent breaks much better than 9 months on/3 months off.
Some Reasons the Agents and I Would Probably Hate Homeschooling
  • We actually have to be disciplined enough to do it.
  • The girls LOVE school . . . their friends, their teachers . . . everything about it, really.
  • After the first few weeks (days?) of all that togetherness we may will drive each other batty.
Some Reasons Why I Hesitate To Even Attempt Homeschooling
  • We actually have to be disciplined enough to do it.
  • On some level it seems insulting/disrespectful to my friends and family who teach.
  • Agent A is still so young, and I feel like I would be neglecting his need for Mommy Time if the girls were home all day every day.
Agent E stoked for the first day of school.
Basically I've come to the conclusion that there is just Too Much Information out there. Seriously, my brain hurts. So do me a favor, would ya, nice readers?
  • If you are considering homeschooling, but are also just starting your research, let me know and we can swim through it together.
  • If you currently homeschool (or have in the past) and would like to impart some wisdom, share three things you wish you would have known starting out.
  • If you are willing, pass along this post to your Facebook friends or blog readers who may be able to offer some input. I'm hoping to find as many real world "this worked for us and you're not alone" examples as I can.