20 January 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (19)

Oh, how I love Fridays and this 7 Quick Takes thing. Thanks so much to Jennifer for hosting each week. Find her post here . . . be sure to leave a comment and then check out the others linked up.

1. Tried to install CommentLuv on my blog this week . . . and uninstalled it two days later. Sigh. I wanted something that would allow folks to link up their most recent post when they leave a comment, and this seemed like the best option for Blogger, but . . . maybe there's something else that would work better? Any thoughts, blogging friends? I really don't want to lose all my previous comments. One other issue was with the comment "counter" . . . it would always indicate zero, but when you click on it there were obviously comments there. Ugh.

Agent J loves art time
2. On a related note, I tried to have My First Bloggy Giveaway this week. All folks needed to do was leave a comment for a chance to win a free book. But guess what? When you uninstall a comment program, you also lose all the comments. Sigh.

3. Starting to get really excited about moving again, even though it's still over four months away. Lately I've been very motivated to let go of stuff and start getting more organized. Although if you could see the condition of our apartment right now, that might not be evident.

4. Agent J wanted to finger paint yesterday. As you can see in the accompanying photo, she enjoyed it.

5. Bought Agent A a new car seat this week. He is almost 15 months and close to the height limit on his infant seat. We purchased a convertible seat but will be keeping him facing back for quite a while.

Agent A's new ride
6. I'm truly amazed that our cat has not scratched, bitten, or otherwise maimed one of our children. That feline has the patience of a saint. I cannot get Agent E to stop holding her like a baby, wrapping her up in blankets, and otherwise torturing her. Poor kitty . . . we got her almost seven years ago, and since then have brought three of those small people into our home. Every time we came home with a new baby, we just imagined her rolling her little cat eyes and muttering to herself, really? another one?

7. Raining today (again) so we may stay in and skip our usual Friday play/library/lunch time. I'm thinking we will try to make some homemade play doh instead. You know, since the finger painting thing went so well.


  1. Blogger is definitely, um, 'sensitive' to formatting issues. I copied a link into one of my posts and it took me about half an hour of editing to fix the resulting chaos in the fonts. The spacing seems to go bezerk for no reason at all but yes, photos don't help (another reason I don't use many in my posts).

    You might be interested in my post on moving house with kids- wrote it ages ago when I had a little one in my room who suddenly went quite out of control. Turned out he'd just moved house and it had been a less than settling experience! I'm sure you'll be much more sensitive, but anyway, here's the post: http://auntannieschildcare.blogspot.com/2011/03/moving-house-with-children.html

  2. I just went and read your post and left a comment on your blog!

  3. Loo at that paint! Awesome! :) Stopping by from Hip Homeschool Hop.