5 Ways We Teach Our Children To Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

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In honor of earth day, following are a few specific things we do around our house to reduce, reuse, and recycle the resources we use. Our children see us taking these simple steps every day. It's not anything special; it's just what we do. We also make sure to take the opportunity to talk to the Agents about why these actions are important. Even Agent A knows that certain items get put into certain bins. It's never to early to learn!

I can help with this
1. We reduce the amount of plastic bottles coming into our home. We live in an area (southern Italy) where the water quality is, um, less than stellar. Technically the water on the military base where we live has been deemed "safe" but it is still very hard water with a high mineral content and we choose to use bottled water for drinking and cooking. This, of course, is not ideal, and I wish it were not an issue at all, but alas, this is where we are. At first we were buying water in two-liter bottles. Now we have switched over to refilling containers with water from a reverse osmosis machine. It is much less expensive and we reuse the same three one-gallon jugs instead of buying new plastic bottles of water every week.

2. We shop with reusable grocery bags. We started doing this about four or five years ago, and it was such an easy switch I don't know why we didn't do it sooner. The initial cost per bag was maybe 50 cents? We lost one bag along the way, but the others have held up remarkably well. The biggest issue here is actually remembering to take them to the store! (Hint: If that's a problem, just put them back in the car after you unload groceries.) Now we also use them for transporting our giant stack of library books each week.

3. We reuse at art time. Agents E and J go through a lot of paper with the amount of coloring we do around here. Of course we always print on both sides, but beyond that we find creative ways of using materials from other sources. The round cardboard that comes out of the pizza box is great for painting. Old shoe boxes hold myriad supplies. Leftover paper the movers left lying around did not go to waste. We cut up old boxes no longer sturdy enough for reuse into small "palettes" for them to use while they paint. Toilet paper rolls become mini-telescopes or cute animal characters.

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4. We repurpose when we can. When we no longer needed the infant car seat we used for all three Agents, we figured we would take the harness out, remove the cover, and recycle the plastic base. But when we brought it inside to take care of that, Agent J immediately grabbed a book and plopped down in it. Soon she and Agent A were "fighting" over who got to sit in this new, cool lounge chair. So instead of getting rid of it we fashioned it as a little reading nook seat. Perfect for a book party.

5. We recycle paper, glass, metal, and plastic. Even with the best laid plans for reducing what comes into our home, we end up with a lot of paper products, glass bottles, and metal/plastic food containers. We are fortunate to be in an area that recycles just about everything. It saddens me when I go past trash dumpsters on base and see them overflowing with obvious recyclables. The little extra effort to bag up materials to be recycled and take them to the drop off spot is well worth it.

What do at your house to teach your children about caring for the environment?

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  1. This is such a fantastic list of blogs to explore! I'm going to bookmark them all.
    At our house, we spend a lot of time honouring nature and watching what is happening in it.
    Then, it's easy to start a dialogue on ways that we can help keep the environment healthy.


    1. Some of these writers I've been "following" for a while (doesn't that sound stalker-ish?) and others are new to me with this carnival. I'm off to try to read some right now . . . Hubby is occupying the Agents with a video chat with Grandma :-)

  2. I love the lounge chair! We should have done that with ours!

    We have a hard time remembering the reusable grocery bags too (and they sure do work well for those library books!). I'm going to have to keep ours in the car - I think that would help a lot. Good advice!

  3. Love this post!

    That lounge chair idea is brilliant. :) I am terrible about remembering grocery bags...that is one area where my husband beats me every time. Think I will definitely have to make it one of my Earth Day resolutions!

    ~Kelly @BecomingCrunchy

  4. We're working on reducing the plastic that enters our home, too—trying to buy things in bulk and use reusable containers whenever possible. I love the idea of reusing materials for art purposes...I'll definitely keep that in mind, as Daniel is really getting into drawing and coloring lately. Thanks!

  5. Great post. I definitely have to talk to Gwen more about why we do the things we do (compost, recycle, use reusable bags, turn off lights when we leave rooms, etc). I'm glad that she's seeing it and will learn to do it, but the whys that are obvious to me, aren't to her yet. I definitely have learn to talk the talk as much as I walk the walk!

  6. Reusing art is key! My 3 year old goes through so much paper and I am working with her to understand the importance of using every space available on the paper. Now that the weather is warm, I encourage art in nature. Painting/drawing/creating on rocks, the sidewalk, lawn, etc,,, is very eco friendly and lots of fun!

  7. Love this, and totally agree with your philosophy of leading your children by example, I have found my young son gets excited about recycling too :)

  8. This post is such a great reminder of the little steps we can take to create a "greener" household. I especially appreciate the reminder about reusing art supplies, as sometimes I find it is just too tempting to throw all those fragments of craft paper into the bin rather than considering creative ways of re-using them!