03 April 2012

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Moving On

Joining once again with Many Little Blessings for Top Ten {Tuesday}. Check out Angie's post and the others linked there. Have a blog? Consider participating with us; it's great fun. (If you are like me and love a good list :-)

Tomorrow the movers are coming to start packing our household goods, which means by Thursday afternoon all of our furniture, the television, all of the Agent's "big" toys, and about 70-80% of everything else we own will be crated and ready to ship to the United States. (We will not see it all again until early June.) There will be one more smaller shipment closer to our move date, so we are able to keep some things, including a selection of clothes, toys, and kitchen items, but we will be using borrowed furniture for the next two-ish months. Today's list: Ten Items Not Getting Packed Just Yet (aka, what Momma and the Agents don't want to be without without long term).

Empty cabinets are so much fun (April 2010)
1. Laptop . . . kind of a no-brainer, I guess, but this little baby will be on the plane with me. Not only do I use it multiple times a day for writing, e-mail, Facebook (ahem), and organizing photos, Agent E also plays games on it, I'm lost without my iCal, and we can watch DVDs on it.

2. Coffeepot . . . three Agents + tired Momma + slight vanilla nut creamer obsession = necessary to keep the coffee flowing as long as I can.

3. Books (for Momma) . . . my Bible plus two other books I have started. (I'm always reading a minimum of two books, usually three.)

4. Books (for the Agents) . . . we're boxing up their bookshelf and keeping out our recent windfall of books instead.

5. Television  . . . okay, I know I said we were sending the TV, and we are; they won't ship anything that large/heavy with the second shipment. However, we recently "acquired" a completely functional 21-inch TV that someone had left at the dumpster. So we get to enjoy at least six more weeks of Dora, Mickey, and Super Why. Not to mention all those extra Friday Night Campouts with movies.

Julia helping to unpack (April 2010)
6. Waffle maker . . . we are sort of addicted to homemade chocolate chip waffles around here. It's been a regular Saturday morning thing for years now, and boy will we miss it for those few weeks it's in transit.

7. Cloth diapers . . . trying to hold off as long as possible before switching over to disposables, given that we'll likely be using them for at least a month while these are in transition.

8. Other toys . . . we're also keeping an array of Agent entertainment, including a bin of "critical" stuffed animals, blocks, tons of art supplies, some musical/noisy toys, and a few random puzzles.

9. Printer . . . we use it frequently enough for homeschooling printouts (and just-for-fun coloring pages) to make it worth keeping.

I don't take up much space
10. Roomba . . . oh, beautiful little cleaning robot, how I love you!

Now our closets are pared down, the kitchen is at bare minimum levels, and organizing is in full swing. The next two days should be interesting, particularly for the Agents. They've done pretty well with helping to decide what stays and goes, and I think they'll be okay seeing their things packed up. (It's not their first time, but it's been a while.) Wish us luck.


  1. Oh my goodness. What a job! You have my greatest admiration!!

  2. Stopping by from Top Ten Tuesday. We are moving in the very near future as well-though it doesn't sounds quite so significant as your move lol. My husband actually already moved 6 months ago for a new job and I'm trying to sell our house 1100 miles away with our 4 kids. Good times. We thought we would have moved by now so I packed TONS of stuff that I now regret. My homeschooling curriculum is at the top of that list. I thought we would have moved before we would need it and now we need it and can't get to it. So now we are unschoolers lol! Good luck with your move? Where are you moving to in the states? Any tips for moving? (We've never done it before)

    1. We're moving in June . . . our stuff is going about two months ahead of us because they take it via ship, and it averages about 60 days. Biggest moving tip may not work for you, since it sounds like you've already packed (?) a lot of stuff (is it in storage?). I always recommend getting rid of as much stuff as possible . . . sell, donate, toss anything you haven't used in a while, and be brutal. (I don' always take my own advice on this, ahem, but it's an ideal.) I know people who move and just take everything, thinking, oh, I'll sort it when we get there, and then it. never. happens. Also, are you doing a DIY or having movers? If you have movers come, make it as easy for them as possible . . . be super organized and cleaned up and make sure everything you want to keep is blocked off clearly. (We put our "keep" stuff in a locked room or taped cabinets/closets shut.) We have a cat, so we locked her in the laundry room for the day. (Not sure what we would have done with a dog.) We're kind of unschool-y most of the time anyway, but I did keep out a few workbooks and the printer. Good luck with your move. Do you mind if I as from where to where?

  3. Wow sounds like a quite a busy time in your lives. I pray your transition time goes somewhat smoothly.