29 May 2012

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Breastfeeding Photos (part two)

Welcome to another Top Ten {Tuesday} post! Be sure to stop by Many Little Blessings and visit our host, Angie. 

Today's post is part two of my breastfeeding photo post. As I mentioned previously, these have all been used in various blog posts or shared on my Facebook page, but I've never gathered them all in one place before. Most are Andrew nursing at home and through our many travels, but a few others made the list as well. You can find part one here.

1. Agent A taking it easy on moving day. (April 2012)

2. Andrew and Momma at a playground in Barcelona. (June 2011)

3. Five-month-old A at the Boboli Gardens in Florence.
(April 2011)

4. At the Piazza San Marco in Venice . . . next to a sign that says
"no eating or drinking while sitting down." (August 2011)

5. Baby Agent A (8 weeks, hiding behind Julia) nursing 
on Christmas. (December 2010)

6. Outside of our apartment building. (February 2012)

7. Following a gelato break in Palermo (Sicily). (July 2011)

8. Hanging in the hotel we stayed at in Venice. (August 2011)

9. At Planet Hollywood London (with sleeping Julia).
(March 2012)

10. A painting at the Louvre. (December 2011)


  1. love all the travel! what sweet pictures :)

  2. #4 really made me laugh out loud. I remember those signs in Venice and I love that you were sitting right next to them while feeding. Of course, technically the baby isn't sitting down, and you are sitting, but not eating, so I don't think you are breaking any rules.:)