30 July 2012

Getting Out: What Does It Mean To You?

Today I have some questions for my readers who are stay-at-home parents of young children, which I'm guessing is most of you. (And if it doesn't describe you right now, it probably did in the not so distant past.)

Have you received the advice to "get out of the house and make sure you have adult conversation"? Do you follow it? Do you go out every day? Or only when you have a specific reason?

Sometimes we prefer to stay home and do this
Because personally, I like spending time with my family, and don't consider communicating with my own children to be subpar to communicating with adults. And does anyone really take their kids out every single day, for the sake of leaving the house? Because seriously, two or three times a week and we're good. I know I tend to be all introvert-y, but still. The thought of packing everyone up every single day and going somewhere simply to be able to say we did does not appeal to me. 

So, I'm curious . . . What does "getting out" mean to you?
  • Does a prearranged lunch and play date with another stay-at-home mom count?
  • When we go to the library by ourselves but end up chatting with another mom and her kids in the children's room, does that count?
  • If the Agents and I go to the commissary, and we don't talk to anyone except the cashier and the person who bags our groceries, does that count?
  • When we stop at Starbucks and have a 30-second conversation with the gentlemen in line in front of us, does that count?
  • Does the back yard count?
Just wondering what others' experiences have been, as this advice seems to be the first thing out of folks' mouths when they learn I'm a stay-at-home mom who homeschools with a rarely-home husband.


  1. I do think it's important to get outside every day, unless it's pouring rain and storming of course. But go out for company? There were certainly times when I needed to talk to another adult! But every day? No way!

    1. Today was one of those stormy days here. So we didn't make it outside, at all. And you know what E told me before bed? That she wasn't tired because we didn't get to play enough. Ah!

  2. Highly overrated. We aim to go outside every day, but that usually means playing in the yard, not going somewhere. I could not handle going out (leaving the house/yard) every single day. I would find it unnecessary and exhausting!

    1. Just thinking about it makes me woozy. Plus, it's like 9 million degrees here, so I'm sweating and exhausted just getting everyone buckled into the car.

  3. Lol. I'm sure whenever I have kids I'll feel the same as you. I don't have kids and sometimes struggle to get myself to run to the grocery store (even when it's really necessary).

    But I do occasionally babysit for a family friend over long weekends and when I have those kids for 3-4 days I do end up packing the weekend full of activities. At least one out of the house activity per day. But I don't think I had a single conversation with an adult while out on those activities.

    1. I think that's part of the issue for me . . . I can handle the "getting out" part, but it's not like I have "free time" to converse with other people I see while I'm out and about; I'm busy corralling the three kids. So, it's me entertaining/supervising the kids, just like at home, but on public display.