18 July 2012

Just Some Things To Think About

Do you limit your children's TV time, then spend time watching television after they're in bed?

Do you carefully monitor how much time your child spends on the computer, then putter on Pinterest, or Facebook, or Twitter, or [fill in the blank with website of choice] for hours each day?

Have you ever given your child a swat or popped their hand after they hit a sibling or a playmate, admonishing them "not to hit"?

Do you feel that offering rewards to children undermines their sense of intrinsic motivation and yet treat yourself to a [fill in the blank with bling of choice] when you [fill in the blank with goal of choice]?

Do you think all women should have the opportunity to birth the way they choose? Do you praise the woman who delivers without drugs, vilify the woman who requests pain medication or induces, and all but break out the pitchforks when you hear the words elective c-section?

Do you long for more free and unstructured time for yourself, and yet shuttle your kids from one scheduled activity to the next?

Have you "trained" your child to sleep alone, ignoring their cries for comfort, and then complain that you can't sleep when your spouse is out of town?

Hello, Ms. Pot? There's a Mr. Kettle holding on line one.

1 comment:

  1. So true! I've often asked some of the same questions! I think I like you posting after 10pm LOL ;-)