15 July 2012

Sunday Morning Conversation

I woke up this morning to two sets of little fingers poking my leg to get my attention. Agent E and Agent J had wandered into my room to rouse me from peaceful sleep. After shushing them out of the room quickly, hence they wake up Agent A (I had actually fallen asleep on his bed), I shuttled them back to their own room and sat with them on their bed until they got settled again. This is how our conversation went:

E: You didn't come back.

Me: What are you talking about?

One of my favorites of the Senior Agents sleeping
(March 2009)
E: You said you would come back before the lights went out [they have one of those stars-on-the-ceiling lights that goes out after 10 minutes] and you didn't. I wanted you to turn on the fan because I'm hot. And you didn't come back.

Me: Um, honey, I did come back, you were already sleeping.

E: No I wasn't. I was hot. And the lights went out. But I'm tired and ready for bed now.

Me: Sweetie, it's 5:30 in the morning. I came back after I checked on Andrew, and you and your sister were both sound asleep. You've already slept for almost 7 hours [yeah, it was a late night last night]. And now it's morning, but very early, so try to get more rest. Plus, your brother and sister need to sleep for a couple more hours, so let's be very quiet.

E: Next time, just come back.


What fun early morning conversations have you had with your kids?

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  1. My daughter used to wake up around the age of 4 or 5 and ask me about things that happened in her dreams. She didn't quite get that they weren't reality. One morning she woke up and was SO UPSET when she came in the kitchen. She keep asking me, "Where is the BLUE DOG!" You know, mom, the blue dog! It was right here! We were playing with it. Two days later I went out and bought her a blue stuffed puppy just for fun. :)