17 July 2012

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Things That Might Kill Us (Or Not)

Top Ten {Tuesday} time once again! Be sure to stop by Many Little Blessings to check out Angie's post and the others linked there.

Following is a brief look at some absolutely evil and terrifying things we do on a regular basis. Or so it would seem if you took a peek at my Facebook newsfeed. I see articles and blog posts bemoaning these things daily, complete with really, really (really!) impassioned comments. I get that everyone has their mountain. And it's not even that I completely disagree with the things in this list, I just . . . I just don't get quite so "ack!" about them. I kid you not, every single one of these popped up in my newsfeed in the 24-48 hours I had this post in my draft file. Every. single. one. 

(Side note: Some of these I also mentioned in this natural parenting confession post, but I can't resist the opportunity to organize items into a nice list.)

I'm not so sure about this
1. We use antibacterial soap. It's on every sink in our house. (Would this be a bad time to mention that I also freaking love hand sanitizer?)

2. We drink milk. Moo! While I completely agree that children do not need cow's milk the nanosecond they turn one, and fully support human milk for human babies, I do not believe the dairy industry is one giant conspiracy.

3. We (okay, I) birthed two of our three children with the help of an epidural. And I liked it. Wait, check that . . . it rocked.

4. We brush with fluoride toothpaste. I know; the horror.

5. We eat stuff with food dyes.

6. We praise our kids.

7. We shampoo our hair with products containing sodium lauryl sulfate.

8. We use sunblock. This one was new to me, so in case you haven't heard: apparently it's the sunblock, not the sunburn, that's causing all those pesky skin cancer cases.

9. We watch television. Clearly the root of all that is wrong with the world today. Or not.

10. We visit a regular old medical doctor for wellness visits or when we are sick.

Have you also noticed that everything is bad for you now? Did anything on this list strike a nerve with you?


  1. I know I'm seriously scandalized! :)

    I am the sanitizer gel nazi. You want to touch my little medically-interesting kid, you *WILL* gel your hands first.

    1. That stuff rocks. We carried it everywhere when we lived in Italy, because the idea there would be a clean bathroom with a sink and soap when you were out and about was *not* an assumption you could make. And my kids can be pretty gross.

  2. I can't believe you use SLS. OMG.

  3. It does seem like there is something wrong with everything now :-) To each his own I say!

  4. Well, I guess that I too have a family of toxic people because we do or use every single one of the things you listed! This makes me a bad mom, right? ;)
    ~Dawn @ TheMommaKnows.com

  5. I'm right there with you on your whole list! :)