28 September 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (37)

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday. 

Today's Quick Takes is Clear Out the Blog Draft Folder Day. For some reason, I keep fooling myself into thinking that I'm going to write more posts more frequently than humanly possible while keeping up with the Agents solo.

1. I'm having an existential I'm no good at writing I have nothing to say I have too much to say maybe I should be more snarky less snarky controversial not controversial never write again write every day give it all up really put more energy into blogging do I really even care yes of course I care kind of moment. Also known as my Semi-Annual Blog Freak Out. For those of you who are new here, about once every six months Something Happens that makes me re-evaluate my little corner of the writing world. It usually involves a rewrite of my "about me" info, changing some links in my "favorites" column, and tweaking the blog design. Often I will convince myself that I really need to go self-hosted, or at the very least switch to WordPress. This typically lasts a day at most. Occasionally I will do something very Not Me like publish a few super crabby posts, share articles on topics I wouldn't normally share,  or start asking questions I don't want answers to. I usually eat chocolate until it passes.

Hard at work
2. I follow a military officer spouse group on Facebook, and (as expected) the subject of moving to a new area comes up a lot. The number one topic seems to be some variation of: What are the schools like? Is it a good school district? I have a [insert random age or school grade] child, and we want to live near XYZ school. I find that a lot of folks who don't even have school age children want to know about preschools and pre-K programs. And I just can't help but wonder what answers folks look for when they ask about "good" schools. Teacher to student ratios? Ratings on a site like Great Schools? Extracurricular activities? Test scores? Personal opinion of a few random people on a message board? Or do we just ask this question because it sounds like the responsible thing to do?

3. Yesterday we did a play room overall. Every once in a while we move things around and organize them a bit differently, usually finding some toys that have been "misplaced" for a while (e.g., the rest of the tea set, the missing block, a book that fell behind the toy box). It's a mess already, but at least the floor is mopped.

4. We have not attended church regularly for almost three years now. I've looked at various options here, including different denominations than what we previously would have considered, and everything from mega-churches (seems to be an abundance of those here) to tiny churches around the corner. I think I want to go back, but then again I don't really miss it. The real issue for me is I wish we had a church family with a Sunday school program the Agents felt comfortable with. Because even though helping them learn about math, reading, and science doesn't intimidate me, being responsible for teaching them about Jesus completely scares the crap out of me. 

We're having fun
5. Loving the Agents renewed interest in the back yard. We went through a few weeks where no one wanted to go outside: it's raining, it's too hot, it's too buggy, I don't feel like it, I don't want to get dirty. Now that we've moved dinner to a little earlier, they have plenty of time to play between dinner and bath time. We have a sandbox, and some chalk, but mostly they just chase each other around and collect rocks and sticks. (Bonus: The early evening hour of playtime is making bedtime a lot smoother as well.)

6. The more time we spend on our homeschooling journey, the more I appreciate the freedom of this lifestyle. Freedom to move run and play whenever we need a break. Freedom to choose whatever curriculum suits us. Freedom to use no "curriculum" at all. Freedom to change our minds about what we want to study mid-semester.

7. Agent A is at that stage where I understand much of what he says, although it might not be clear to someone not with him 24/7. Every once in a while, a word he has never said before will just roll off his tongue clear as day. Earlier, in the middle of nursing, he popped off, looked at me, and said, "tiptoe." Then went back to nursing.


  1. #4: I think I just assumed that y'all were Catholics like 95% of the other Quick Takes people. Having read this take, I guess I have questions for you as to what you're specifically looking for in a church. If you want to talk about this, you can email me. I'm jen at grace-filled dot net.

    1. Surprise! :-)
      I think the biggest thing for us is the ages of the Agents. Most places will proclaim they will welcome children! They love children! Look at these great children's programs! We don't care if they make a little noise! Let the children come! But then in reality after the cuteness wears off (about 15 minutes into the first Sunday) it's back to, aren't you supposed to be seen and not heard? I've attended Catholic churches (20+ years), non-denominational, Methodist, Lutheran, and a couple others. I find this to be the case everywhere. Often, when E and J were smaller, the greeters at the door couldn't direct us to the nursery fast enough. I would say my most welcoming church experience has been with the ELCA Lutheran church.

  2. My husband was a pastor in the ELCA for 6 years. :) You can get their Sunday school curriculum online if it will help. Their publishing house is Augsburg Fortress (http://www.augsburgfortress.org/). We're now with the AALC and they tend to use stuff from Concordia (http://cph.org). I've also heard good things about Group (http://group.com/sunday-school). This could at least give you some resources to work with while you're church hunting.

    Depending where you are in Florida, I might know a good ELCA parish.

    1. Thank you so much. I don't know why I didn't think to check Augsburg Fortress. Duh. I'm sure I can find some great resources to use on our own. Plus, I have a copy of the Revised Common Lectionary (yes; I'm a geek) so we could easily get "on track" with the church year. I will check out the other sites you mentioned as well. I love homeschooling, so this doesn't seem like it should intimidate me, but it does :-)

    2. :D I'm a pastor's wife and it intimidates ME.

      I think the biggest thing in teaching your kids about Jesus is to have them see you live out what He taught whether it's putting together a basket for the local food pantry or whatever.