24 September 2012

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Pressing Questions About Children's Television

I have at least half a dozen quasi-serious posts drafted out right now, but I just can't concentrate enough to finish even one. So instead, I'm sharing some random thoughts that run through my head when I'm watching TV with the Agents. If you are in the season of parenthood when this list makes perfect sense to you, let me know I'm not alone and comment with your favorite. If you think I've officially lost it, feel free to stop by in a few days when I promise to have something more blogworthy to say.

1. If the conductor is so darn smart, why doesn't he know immediately that Buddy is a T Rex?

2. Why don't Doc McStuffins' parents ever tell her to close the door when she goes outside?

3. Where in squirrels heaven are Max and Ruby's parents?
Post-bath fruit bowl and Doc McStuffins
4. What is the deal with Gaspard and Lisa? Are they dogs?

5. When is the rest of the jungle going to organize an intervention for Bungo?

6. In what universe was it decided that Goofy and Clarabelle Cow would make a nice couple?

7. Who explained to Wyatt what constitutes "a super big problem"? 

8. What on earth is a Vegimal anyway? Seriously, WTH.

9. How does Paw Pilot get time to stand still when she's counting?

10. Why are all the adults on Word Girl so incredibly stupid?

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  1. LOVE it! And why does the Conductor sound like Barney Fife?? Oh, this has totally made my day. Stopping by from Top Ten Tuesday :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Christie. I know! His voice . . . ah!

  2. Happily, I only caught a couple of those :) I would have had completely different questions.

    1. Most of the "newer" shows are actually pretty cute. Some of the older stuff they replay every once in a while makes me cringe. (Barney, anyone? Caillou, whining much?)