12 October 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (39)

Welcome Quick Takes friends. Be sure to pop over to our host Jennifer's blog and check out her post and some of the others linked there. Happy Friday!

1. Why do posts I write in 20 minutes and barely edit end up with more page views than posts I obsess over? (Just a random rhetorical question there.)

2. Eva's quote of the week: "Julia is not very good at being quiet." You said it, sister.

3. This week I started rereading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I first read it over twenty years ago as a college student. (Wait . . . was I seriously in college twenty years ago?) Anyway, reading it as a parent gives me a whole different perspective on this text.

4. Agent J is eating us out of house and home. She's four-and-a-half and very tall but a skinny little thing . . . who eats like a linebacker. Actually, Agents E and A have been putting away ridiculous amounts of food recently, too. Not sure if this is some sort of Conspiracy Growth Spurt or just our new normal. Time will tell.

Agent A modeling his new jammies
5. Last week I made the mistake of running errands on a Saturday late morning/early afternoon. Never again. As I told my husband, I would rather eat nothing but cereal crumbs off the living room carpet than brave the grocery store on a Saturday again.

6. We actually survived an entire church service last Sunday morning for the first time in forever, and so we're going back. Assuming we can get out of the house way earlier than our usual two Sundays in a row. Senior Agents are excited to start Sunday school. 

7. I'm quasi-seriously considering a semester of homeschooling based on the Little Einsteins. Bear with me; I'm not crazy. Think about it: They visit countries all over the world, major cities and world landmarks, many of which we've also been to. So that would include geography, languages, and historic sites. It would also cover music (composers, instruments, classical music) and art (paintings, sculptures, museums). Not to mention the science we'd use to illustrate the complete lack of plausibility of Rocket's travels. (Ahem.) Okay; maybe I am a little crazy.


  1. All of these are awesome, but #7 is my favorite. I think that's quite an inspired curriculum you've devised. That would have done well with my kiddo as a younger child, for sure!

    1. I definitely think the Agents would go for it :-) And it would be a lot of fun for me, too.

  2. Wait...you got a few thousand page views on a post?...ok, you're the newest person I will be stalking. I'll take all the tips I can get.
    As for home schooling via Little Einstein, I say go for it. Anything to avoid making lunches, right!