19 October 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (40)

Happy Friday! Welcome, friends. As usual, this post is linked up at Conversion Diary. Jen's blog is one of my favorites. Stop by and check it out. You won't be disappointed.

1. I get to see my husband today! (I may be the wee-est bit excited about this.) It's only been about 3.5-4 weeks, but for some reason it seems way longer. The Agents handle the separations amazingly well. Momma does okay, but eats way too much comfort chocolate.

2. What's the weather like where you are? I am kinda missing the cool fall temperatures, as we don't have that in our neck of the woods. Yesterday's high was 84 F (29 C). Yeah. Not exactly dreaming of hot chocolate and bonfires here.

This is Bear
3. Does your child have a lovey? Agent E has a pink bear (which is actually mine) that she creatively named, Bear. Agent J has baby Pluto, confiscated from Agent A Christmas 2010. (He was only 7 weeks old. He didn't have a chance.) Agent A's chosen object of affection appears to be a stuffed pink lamb he calls Lambie. Sometimes he calls it "cuddle cuddle" . . . Doc McStuffins, anyone?

4. You know what is super sweet? When your toddler comes into the bathroom to offer you half of his tortilla chip. While you're still on the toilet. "You hungry, mum mum. Here you go, mum mum." Now that is love.

5. In other Agent A-isms, he now says "I wuv Va Va" (I love Eva) and "I wuv Ju Ju" (I love Julia). Dying of cute here.

6. I think I'm going to be all wild and crazy and purchase a Kindle Paperwhite. I considered the sexier Kindle Fire as well, but decided I really have no need for all the extra bells and whistles. 

7. And, um, oh yeah. I turn 40 today.