30 November 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (43): Kids' Shows Worth Watching

As usual, linking up at Conversion Diary. Happy Friday, all!

Even though I made a wee bit of fun of them in this post, I actually enjoy most of the children's television shows the Agents watch. (Yes, they watch TV. I know, the horror.) Following are seven we particularly like. 

Charlie is the epitome of the patient older sibling. A great model for parents to take note of as well. The books are awesome, too. (I dare you to try reading one without a British accent. It can't be done.) Also find them on CBeebies . . . get it? BBC, backwards? We discovered the joys of CBeebies on our trip to London last spring.

Love this link about The Man in the Yellow Hat and Positive Discipline. We typically have at least three CG books out of the library at any given time, too.

Dinosaurs will be one of our new topics for this upcoming homeschool semester. I'm sure the 75 online dinosaur field guide cards on the DT website will be put to good use. Agent A, in particular, is a huge dinosaur fan. Roar!

Movie break, Christmas 2010
The Agents especially love when the Einsteins visit places we've also been. Agent E will comment on the classical music we listen to in the car when she recognizes what episode it is from.

Vocabulary lessons from a talking dog. What could be better?

6. Octonauts 
Another CBeebies show. Thanks to Captain Barnacles and his crew, Agents E and J took a huge interest in ocean life and learned facts about over 50 sea creatures. I'm sure this information will come in handy on our aquarium visit next month.

Battling evil with just the right word. Cute, but not patronizing at all. 

For more information and shows, check out the main websites for CBeebiesDisney Junior, and PBS Kids.


  1. The Octonauts and Little Einsteins are staples in our home!

  2. Happy Sharefest! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) When my kiddo was smaller, he loved Little Einsteins and Charlie & Lola! I always thought it was adorable!

  3. {whispering} I secretly enjoy Team Umizoomi (or as it is known in own house: Zoomy Zoomy)!

    1. Shh . . . we watch it, too. :-) Agent J loves it. Although we don't watch much Nick Jr. anymore since Disney Junior became a part of our cable package.

  4. I secretly LOVE Dinosaur Train...and Word Girl! Another one of my favorites is Doc McStuffins. Vising from SITS.

    1. Confession: Doc McStuffins is my secret weapon for getting bath time finished in an efficient manner. They all know it's on at 7:30, and we will watch it, as long as everyone is in pajamas and ready. So, at 7:00 I just say "hey, bath time!" and they are all "okay; we don't want to miss Doc!"

  5. Great list. Our 3 year old loves Little Einsteins (wish there were even more episodes!). It’s how Mannheim Steamroller got dubbed “Music Robot” last Christmas. This year she’s really into Doc McStuffins…which is a nice change of pace, too. (I'm going to have to try that tip about bathtime!)