06 November 2012

Reading Lessons

When Agent E progressed to chapter books, she would often get discouraged before she even started, although she was clearly capable of reading at that level. She would mumble there are not enough pictures, it's too many words, I can't do this. 

I finally figured out that since she learned to read independently, she had been reading books she could easily finish in one sitting. I had to tell her that now many of the books she would read she would finish more slowly, even over the course of a few days, reading a few chapters at a time. I explained to her that's just how "grown up" books usually work. She was much more relaxed and less overwhelmed after that.

This was such a light bulb moment for her. And for me.

A sample of the books she's currently reading include . . .

Tink, North of Never Land by Kiki Thorpe (A list of Disney Fairy books can be found here.)

Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds by David A. Adler (More in this series can be found here. There's also a Young Cam Jansen series for younger readers.)

Arthur and the Recess Rookie by Marc Brown (More Arthur chapter books can be found here.)

My E reader
By the way, have you checked out Scholastic's Book Wizard Tool? I know, I know . . . reading levels can be quite arbitrary and it doesn't (shouldn't?) matter, but . . . sometimes it's just nice to know these things! And it's helpful for getting ideas of similar books the Agents might be interested in.


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    1. It is a very cool resource. Actually, the whole Scholastic website is. It's divided into sections for "parents" and "teachers" but of course as a homeschooler both are fascinating to me. :-)