Our Homeschooling Week: Dinosaurs, Planets, and Apps (Oh, My!)

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Every week I think I'm going to get better, but I am horrible with doing these weekly posts at all, let alone on time (aka, Friday when the link-up goes live). It's not that I don't know Friday is coming. I just . . . ah. 

Anyway, here's a quick-y summary of what we're doing right now . . .

Dinosaurs. Our first focus for the current "semester" (we use that term loosely around here) is dinosaurs. We're having fun perusing the Dinosaur Train website field guide and printing all the cards (we're about half way through the 75 on the site). E likes to have a visual in front of her when we talk about something, so these little cards are awesome. She can color them, hold them, read them, alphabetize them, and organize them (by dinosaur size, what they eat, what time period they are from). It really helps her to remember things, and she has great fun doing it.

Planets. Our second focus for right now is space. We're enjoying learning about the eight planets. (Don't even get Agent E started on the older books that still refer to Pluto as a planet instead of a dwarf planet.) As we did with our study of the 50 states, we're taking out a few books at a time from the library on each of the individual planets.

Here, little pigeon . . .
(Side note: While Googling for new dinosaur and space study ideas, one of the links that popped up was for the Natural History Museum in London, which we visited last March. I had bookmarked the site back then, but never realized all the cool links for kids they had on there. Of course, Agent E is loving it. We also went back and reminisced with some of our photos from that trip, including Agent A's first pigeon chase.)

Apps. I think there are officially more apps (and books) on my Kindle for Agent E than for myself. In addition to apps dealing with dinosaurs and space, we've also added quite a few math games recently. I've had my Kindle for almost seven weeks now (I will never forget when it arrived, because I wrote everything down that day) and so far we've only downloaded free things. I'm sure eventually I'll break down and make a purchase. Possibly the full version of Where's My Water? or Where's My Perry? A certain six-year-old is pretty much addicted to both.

What are you doing in your homeschool this week?


  1. I need to check out that link. Apps have helped my 8 year old learn math!

    1. It's amazing what she has been able to do with these math games. Five minutes in and she was asking me to show her how to do division.

  2. Better late than never! :) We are working on Little House on the Prairie this week! Stopping by from SITS!