19 January 2013

Too Comfortable?

Recently I went through all of the Facebook pages that I "like" and "unliked" a significant number of them. Nothing personal, really . . . it was just starting to become overwhelming. And, I never saw updates consistently anyway. If I knew I very rarely commented on the page or read what they posted, or if I couldn't remember exactly why it was I liked the page in the first place, I let it go. My goal is to get down to fewer than 100 pages I enjoy reading and interacting with. Again, I'm all for showing support to fellow bloggers and pages, but honestly it's just too much to try to "like" every page that comes through my newsfeed that makes an interesting point, comments on one of my posts, or likes my page. So, I'm parring down considerably and trying to be active with the pages I do visit with some regularity. On a related note . . .

Received the strangest e-mail this week, possibly ever. A fellow blogger whom I've been following for a while sent me a message that basically said, "you don't seem to be agreeing with everything I say anymore; why are you still here?" I was completely taken aback, 1. because I do tend to agree with what this writer says probably 90% of the time, and 2. even when I disagree, I never thought it came across as anything other than polite. At first it made me sad, but then really I just kind of thought WTH? I wrote a brief message back, but never heard from her. (I did "unlike" the page and remove it from my favorites list on my blog home page. I mean, what else would I do at that point? Now commenting would just seem weird.) But this did get me thinking . . .

Do I expect my readers to agree with me? I guess to some extent if folks didn't align at least a little with my philosophy they probably wouldn't have been drawn to my page in the first place. As a general rule, I'm not confrontational at all and I prefer to play nice. I don't post (or share) controversial things simply to draw attention to my page or stir the pot. In fact, I don't even click on links about certain topics because I know they will make me batty and I don't want to get sucked up into the drama. Which brings me to . . .

Am I only reading other bloggers that I agree with? And more importantly, is that a problem? Is narrowing down my list of reading choices so specifically just keeping me all cozy in my little cave of conformity here? Is that a bad thing? Where is the line between not getting out of your comfort zone and feeling like a troll because you want to counter everything you read? 

Thoughts, readers (and fellow writers)?


  1. I hear what you're saying there. I rarely read posts or visit sites that I know will drive me batty, though I have decided that I will visit some pretty cut-throat forums now and again purely to put some peaceful parenting options into a less than sympathetic venue... just in case anyone is looking for alternatives. You won't change the minds of people whose minds are made up, so there's no point engaging- but you can work around the edges with people who are wavering.

    From the opposite end of the equation, I occasionally get trollish comments on my blog and wonder what those people are doing there. If they're prepared to debate rationally, fair enough, but usually they just want to stir. I don't expect people to agree with everything I say but I do expect them to argue rationally and remain civil in their language and manner.

    As for the message you got- that person sounds like a COMPLETE Froot Loop.

    1. I like the idea of "working around the edges" but I find that I can't even think straight let alone type out a rational thought when I wander into forums like that. Glad that you take the time to do it, though . . . you never know who you might be helping, or how much they needed to hear what you had to say. Froot loop made me laugh out loud. Thanks for stopping by as always.