01 March 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (47)

Happy Friday and welcome to March! Linking up another Quick Takes post with Jennifer at Conversion Diary. Be sure to stop by her page and offer some comment love.

1. Soon we will be embarking on yet another Disney escapade. If no one sounds like a barking seal most of their waking hours, and no one starts randomly spouting blood from their nose, and we end up in the ER fewer than four times, it will be more of a success than our last Disney venture.

2. I asked Agent A what he wanted to do on our upcoming trip. He wants to see Pluto, Pooh, Ferb, and Snow White. He told me, "I sit on Snow White's lap. And kiss her." (Imagine a super cute 30-second video here showing just that. I couldn't get it to upload.)

3. A few weeks ago on my Facebook page I commented that I had taken several books out of the library for me, ones I had heard about again and again in my little Internet circle of AP/gentle parenting. In all honestly, they weren't that great. Well, one was a pretty good read . . . even when I disagreed with the author I still felt like I understood what she was getting at and she'd be a nice person to chat with over coffee. One was entirely too "I'm so smart, here's some science-y stuff." Another (which folks I know just raved about) was actually quite boring . . . one of those books that is like 250 pages and could have been 25 pages. The last one I could barely stomach . . . I kept choking on psychobabble. So disappointing. Give me a classic Dr. Sears any day.

4. Homeschooling-wise, we're still very much into dinosaurs and space here. We're adding some books/lessons about the body as well. That was supposed to be our next major topic, probably beginning around early April. Instead, Agent E decided she wanted to get started now. When I tried to put it off, thinking we already had more than enough to work with for now, she told me, "but you said in School With Mommy I can study whatever I want. And I want to learn about the lungs and the brain." Sigh.

5. Do your children like to clean? Mine are fascinated by it, and I plan to take full advantage of this. They love to dust and wipe down windows. I even had all three of them following me around the house last week as I cleaned the bathrooms. I think I need to transition some cleaning responsibilities to them before they get older and realize it's not all that exciting after all. 

6. The Agents and I spent some time earlier this week looking at photos from past Disney trips. They look so small. Here are a few of my favorites:
Senior Agents (ages 3.5. and 1.5) with JoJo and Goliath
(Walt Disney World, fall 2009)
Agent E (age 4) and Agent J (age 2) admiring the castle
(Disneyland Paris, summer 2010)
Agent A (age 8 months) meets his first princess
(Disney Magic, summer 2011)
7. Are you looking forward to spring where you are? It's actually getting colder here, not warmer. Ugh. (And by "cold" I mean like low to mid sixties at least a few days this week. I've lived in Florida too long. I've lost all perspective.)

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