15 March 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (48): The One With All the Illness

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Just in case this blog was starting to err on the side of too many kitty-cats-and-daisy-petals kind of posts, I thought I'd share a few of the less glamourous highlights of recent days.

Alternate subtitle: How in the Heck Do People Who Rarely Leave the House Pick Up So Many Freaking Germs?

Warning: Do not read if you are grossed out by puke stories. It's not terribly graphic, but some folks may just not want to think about it, ya know?

1. Two weeks ago in a Quick Takes I wrote that we were fast-approaching yet another Disney adventure. I even made a snarky comment comparing its potential to our last Disney trip, which didn't go exactly according to plan. Ha! Clearly the universe decided, I'll see your barking cough, bloody nose, and multiple ER trips and raise you one randomly puking kid 24 hours before you are due to leaveTake that.

Being silly with Russell and Dug
2. Yep; Agent J threw up Friday morning at 8:00; we were planning to leave Saturday morning at 8:00. She had stopped completely and was mostly okay after about six hours, but didn't eat much the rest of the day. Friday afternoon we decided to go ahead and cancel our reservation for Saturday night, and postpone our trip by 24 hours, knowing full well we might end up calling back to cancel the whole thing. Of course, she woke up Saturday morning totally fine, acting completely normal, and we could have easily left on schedule. Instead we spent the extra day at home cleaning and finishing packing. We spent Sunday through Wednesday at the happiest place on earth without incident. (Well, without any recurring or new illnesses. There was plenty of Agent-induced drama, par for the course.) Returned home and had (relatively) normal days Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

3. At about 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning, Agent A woke up puking. A lot. I happened to be lying next to him at the time, so overall it was a mutually joyous experience. We both changed pajamas while Dear Hubby took care of getting laundry started, taking two stuffed animals that received a hit to the "spa" and cleaning the surrounding carpet. (So grateful he was home and not out to sea.) I sat up in the rocker with A for the next hour or so, and eventually we both fell back to sleep, but later experienced two more similar episodes. Needless to say, we canceled all plans for Sunday. Luckily, Agent A mostly recovered by early that afternoon.

(Tip: If you have a child in diapers who is throwing up, the last thing he is going to want to do is lay down to be changed. We opted to keep Agent A in pull-ups for the rest of the night and into the next day; much easier to change him standing up that way.)

4. Monday Agent E had a pretty rockin fever, and spent most of the day in bed. She didn't have much of an appetite, but her primary complaint was being hot and tired. It took her until sometime Tuesday afternoon to start her round of sickness. (Note to self: We need to find a better carpet cleaner.) She was fine by bedtime, but the next morning, just when we thought she was cured, she threw up one more time, for good measure. 

5. Tuesday night, just before bed, Agent J came down with the same intense fever, but thankfully was able to sleep. (I camped out in the living room with her and Eva so I could be accessible to both of them and still hear Andrew when he woke needing a milk fix.) Wednesday morning the fever was still hanging around, and we spent most of Wednesday afternoon with our good friends from Pixar (Monsters, Inc. and Wall-E, to be exact).

Yes; I'm talking about you, cat
6. The cat threw up on Wednesday as well . . . on the end of the bed, right on Agent J's favorite blanket, at 6:00 a.m. Just for a little added bonus awesomeness. Thanks so much, Agent C.

7. By Wednesday evening, Agent J had managed to hold off on the puking, although she was still working the fever. (Can you say heat rock?) She ate some fruit and a muffin just before bed and slept all night (another campout for Momma and the Senior Agents) with nary a peep. Woke up cooler and happier and we were finally in the clear. Typical Agent antics prevailed for the remainder of Thursday. Yeah!

Have you battled sickness at your house this winter? How do you (and the kids) stay sane?


  1. Ouch, it's rough! I was worried for this winter because it's our first year with a kid in preschool plus we have a baby. There seems to be a rule in this house - it's often the case that no one is sick, and never the case that all four of us are sick (yay!) but there is never just one person sick. It's either two or three at a time. Or none, of course. Never just one, never all four.

    1. Yeah, our first year with preschool + baby was rough. Lots of germs going around that year. For us the worst part always seems to be *waiting* for the other ones to catch it. Our oldest usually gets a milder version of whatever the younger two have, but I still find myself wondering, okay, how many more days do we have to wait before we are officially "in the clear"?

  2. How awful!! Glad things seem better<3
    Here from the Hop.