07 June 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (53): Online Homeschooling Resources We Love

Happy Friday. Linking up today with both Conversion Diary for 7QT and Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers for the weekly wrap-up.

(Note: I actually did a post like this just over a year ago, called Favorite Online Homeschooling Resources. Only one of the sites listed here is a repeat; all the others are ones we've just started using in the past year or so. But the websites in the older post are still favorites, too, and you should totally check them out, hint, hint.)

1. ABCya.com focuses on Kindergarten through fifth grade and includes everything from math to Spanish to typing games.

2. Education.com includes both informative articles and tons of free downloads. (The downside is you have to pay after the first 10 pages, but the annual rate is extremely reasonable, and although we haven't subscribed yet, I enjoy it so much I've considered it.)

3. KidsHealth from Nemours is one of my personal favorites. We discovered it because Agent J actually sees a specialist at a Nemours location near us for her asthma. Their kids' website includes articles, puzzles, word searches, videos, quizzes, and tons of fun ways to learn about the body, safety, illnesses, and a host of other topics.

Hey, look at that!
4. NASA Kids' Club has all sorts of cool games at various skill levels, plus Elmo and Buzz Lightyear. Win.

5. National Geographic Kids became one of Agent E's favorite sites to research animals prior to our recent trip to Animal Kingdom and Sea World. It is organized by category (birds, mammals, reptiles, etc.) or habitat (ocean, desert, rainforest, etc.) and includes photos, facts, a map of where they are located, and a video/sound clip. We'll also be using this site as we continue our study of world geography.

6. TLS Books is fantastic if you have a student who is a Worksheet Person. Agent E is definitely a fan of worksheets. It covers preschool to sixth grade in multiple subjects. 

7. WorksheetWorks.com is really neat because it lets you design a custom worksheet and then immediately download and print it. For example, when printing math worksheets on measurement, you can choose to include English only, metric only, or both. 

What are some great online resource you are using?


  1. Thanks for the links! ALWAYS on the look-out for free stuff to supplement our learning!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jessy. I love all the things available for free online. We haven't paid for anything we've downloaded so far, although I've been tempted (like with the education.com site above). Hope you enjoy the links.