14 June 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (54)

Happy Friday, all. Quick Takes day. Be sure to stop by and leave some comment love for Jennifer at Conversion Diary.

1. Last weekend we had to postpone yet another family vacation weekend due to illness. We cancelled (and then rescheduled for later this month) a trip to The Mouse due to an Agent J asthma flare-up. Luckily, she was fine within a day or two, but poor kid had a rough 24-36 hours. We are now the proud owners of our very own nebulizer. (Why we never actually broke down and got one of these in the last two years, I have no idea.) The Agents named him Peso.
Peso and his accessories (including his igloo carrying case)
2. Agent E was extremely bummed about postponing Disney, because we should have been in Hollywood Studios on the very last day of this year's Star Wars Weekends. In preparation, we had shown the Agents the movies (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi) for the first time the week before. (Poor Hubby was fielding questions about every four seconds.) I admit it surprised me a bit just how much Agent E (more so than Agents J or A) got into the films. She is looking forward to battling Darth Vader on our trip, although I'm not sure we can get in line early enough to get one of the limited spots.

3. We are pretty much obsessed with Blue's Clues at our house. Well, Agent A is anyway. He would put it on a continuous loop 24 hours a day if he could. (Trust me; we're not that far off.) A quick informal poll on my Facebook page showed a preference for Steve, although I'm more partial to Joe. The Agents are split; Agents E and J prefer the older, Steve episodes, while Agent A has taken a liking to Joe. As for me, I'd just be happy to get We just got a letter! out of my brain for a few minutes.

4. And the winner of the award for Most Overused Quote on the Internet: Maya Angelou's When you know better, you do better. (Also frequently cited as You did then what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better or You did the best that you knew how. Now that you know better, you'll do better.) I'm not exactly sure which one of these she actually said, and I have nothing against the quote (or her) per se. I honestly have no idea what she is specifically referring to, but I cringe every time I see this in the context of parenting decisions. I just can't stop myself from reading it as a slightly less condescending version of if only you knew more, you'd agree with me. (Which I addressed briefly in this post.)

5. On a lighter note . . . saw a very cool butterfly in the tree in our back yard one day this week. I'm still shocked I was able to get so close to it to take a decent picture. (The Senior Agents named it Julia Butterfly. Yeah; I know.)
Julia Butterfly
6. Speaking of back yard creatures, that same day Agent J found a millipede in the sandbox. I thought she'd be freaked out by it crawling around on her, but she actually encouraged it. (Her name, by the way, is Cassie. And yes; we name everything around here.)
Agent J and Cassie the Millipede
7. Are you a planner? I've never been fond of strict schedules when it comes to parenting (or anything for that matter), but I always crave a routine. I'm not a very go-with-the-flow type person, and neither are my children. While the very mention of a rigid schedule makes me want to hyperventilate, at the same time the thought of having no plan for each day and completely winging it sends me into a panic as well. A flexible but predictable routine equals me finding my happy place. Let's just say I have not been in my happy place lately. Part of it can be blamed on traveling and illness, but most of it is just . . . me. Working on this.

Enjoy your weekend. I can't believe the first day of summer is right around the corner.

p.s. I celebrated my blogging anniversary this week. Three years of random musings. Here's to years more of unlimited blogging fodder courtesy of the Agents.


  1. Happy blogiversary! I'm a planner too; I don't have a set schedule, but I like to have a "routine" or a rough idea when things will happen during a day (or a trip). Thanks for sharing and linking up with Fellowship Fridays. :)