Decision Time

God help us; we're doing it.

Eva is officially a Homeschool Student. I am officially a Homeschool Mommy. 


We informed the elementary school where Agent E is registered that she will not be attending. I sent an e-mail to Agent J's preschool letting them know she will not be returning this year either. We are committed. Or, perhaps, should be committed. Time will tell.

I shuffled all my best laid plans around and came up with a simplified calendar. I created an overview of things I intend to "cover" for the 1st semester (September to December) and a week-by-week list of notes (a work in progress) to keep me on track, but nothing too scheduled. I really thought given my neuroticism I would prefer a set class/school/work time each day, but looking at the overall goals for the week and winging it based on Agent E's mood/needs/interests seems like it will work better.

Agents being their usual crazy selves
Still not sure what to do about The Sibling Factor, or if it will impede our intentions in any way. Agent J will probably enjoy "doing" school with us in her own way. Agent A will just be along for the ride, as always. Luckily, he is pretty mellow and will very much enjoy spending all day with his fan club. He will love that the girls are home.

We received a message a few days ago regarding an orientation for parents of new kindergarten students. This would be for parents to meet teachers and "discuss class procedures" (whatever that means). The last line really sealed the deal for me, though: We would prefer no children, please. Um, really? No children at kindergarten orientation held on a Monday morning that both parents are expected to attend? While older students are already in class? So the only children there would be the kindergarten students themselves and any younger siblings? Right.

Wish us luck. We start next Monday, September 5th. Woo hoo!

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