Home Kindergarten: Day One

Well, here it is . . . today is our first day of homeschooling! Hard to believe it has only been six weeks since I first seriously considered *not* sending Agent E to school . . . it feels like I've been researching, and making lists, and blogging about it for much longer.

I have to admit: I'm probably more excited than she is. Although, maybe not . . . she couldn't sleep last night. Three times in the middle of the night she woke up and asked me if it were morning yet. And this is a kid who typically sleeps like a rock. First day of school jitters?

I'll be posting this before we do any actual school work . . . probably before the Agents even get out of bed. So no blogging about how it's actually working out until later this week. My plan is to do a summary of our first week on Friday and link up with the Weekly Wrap-Up over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers, one of my favorite homeschooling sites.

I'm writing this on Monday morning, unusual for me as I prefer to have Monday posts completed over the weekend. Somehow the weekend got away from me, though. I know it's a holiday for my US friends, but Hubby is working today, so it's just an ordinary Monday around here. (Normally he has all the US holidays and the Italian holidays off . . . a nice little NATO perk . . . but he's on duty today.)

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