Week Two: I Can Do This . . . I Think

Just wrapped up our second week of homeschooling, and I am starting to feel like this is normal. It's not what most people do, but it's what we do. And it's working so far. 

Agent E loves it. Agent J is a bit distracting at times but really wants to participate in her loud, glorious, three-year-old way. Agent A is totally digging having his sisters home all day.

With Agent E in Germany last summer
(Neuschwanstein Castle in the background)
This week we talked a bit about bones and muscles, germs, taking care of our teeth, and Germany (our country of the week). We also did a little math and watched some Italian cartoons (that was the only Italian "lesson" we managed to get in).

Today was library day (a regular Friday gig now). We take back our books from the week and gather new ones in anticipation of our next lessons. The children's room is essentially empty during the school day, and so the girls have the run of the place and even Agent A can scurry around the floor and take it all in. I pick out some books based on what I have in my notes for the following week, and then E puts a few on the pile as well. Today we came home with two Christmas books. Not sure why.

Some things we want to work on next week . . . incorporating some computer time (I'm thinking a PBS game or two?), getting outside to play more (this week we only made it out on Friday; hopefully it won't be quite so hot much longer), and completing an actual Italian lesson (something other than watching La Casa di Topolino).

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