Week Four: One Month Down and We're All Still Alive

Well, we just finished off week four of this homeschooling experiment and everyone survived. I guess we'll be doing this again next month :-)

That inquisitive little monkey sure is captivating
Our big "new" thing this week was introducing computer games. Agent E loves them . . . her faves so far are Curious George, Word World, and Super Why (all from PBS Kids Go!). I don't know why, but I really thought it would take her longer to get comfortable with the computer and learning to navigate. In reality it took about 14 seconds, give or take, and most of that was me talking. Agent J is fascinated as well, but she just watches while E controls the mouse. 

I have a fall break planned, but honestly I don't think Agent E is going to go for it. She has asked to do school every weekend and I think if I tell her we're going to skip an entire week she will look at me like I'm nuts.


  1. Hi! I found you through your comment on Simple Mom! We're a Navy family, too, and I am making myself take regular breaks for sanity checks. The first break isn't planned until November and I'm not sure how my kids will take it, either! They often ask to do things over the weekend (in addition to week days) so I'm sure a week off is going to be busy any way.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Nellie! We will probably just take "breaks" when we are on vacations, which we've been doing a lot lately since we are now in our last 8 months or so of living overseas and trying to take advantage. Once we get back to the states and hubby is back to sea duty, who knows. Those best laid plans get me every time . . .