Weeks Five and Six: What the Heck Happened?

Six weeks into this homeschooling journey and I have come to a conclusion: I need to be more organized. (I know, shocking revelation, right?) I couldn't even get it together last Friday to post a Week Five . . . I had to combine it with Week Six. And I'm posting this Friday Weekly Wrap-Up on, um, Sunday morning. Sigh.

What happens when Agents J and A are left unattended
A while back I got on a roll about getting all my ducks lined up but only a few of my grandiose ideas ever came to fruition. If I am going to make this home education thing work long term, though, I'm going to have to come up with a routine that I can follow and stick with it

Some days I wish I could fast forward out of the growing pains of learning how to make this new lifestyle flow seamlessly for every family member, but alas, my magic wand seems to be missing. (I think Agent J threw it over the balcony.)

The last two weeks  we've done a lot of interesting "school" work, of course, but it's beginning to morph into simply our new normal everyday life. It's not about imitating school, or replacing school, or improving upon school, or even about the specific tasks and schedules and goals (oh, my!) at all. It's a whole new way of looking at life and how I (We) teach our children, interact with our children, and fundamentally parent them. I know if any veteran home educators read this they may be thinking, well, yes (duh). But, for me it was (is) truly an epiphany that has the potential to take our lives in a whole new direction. 


  1. Trust me...no one is thinking, "Duh..."

    It takes a while to get your routine established!

  2. Thanks. This is our "test" year and Eva is our guinea pig. She's always been ahead of the curve academically--wait, can I use the word "academically" in reference to a five-year-old?--so we aren't worried she will drag woefully behind if we royally screw this up. She's a good sport about the whole thing and having so much fun she doesn't even realize how life-changing this is for her Momma.