First Semester, Done!

A few random thoughts as we end our first semester of Home Kindergarten . . .

While Agent E loves school with Mommy (even on vacation) she has noticed that she is doing something different. She even suggested perhaps next year she could have school at home Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Will be interesting to see how this plays out after we move this summer. Maybe she thinks homeschooling is just something we do in Italy?

Yes; we color the table, too
Our preferred mode of teaching/learning is . . . coloring. Anything can be introduced through a few printouts and a box of (washable) crayons. (Agent E loves a good worksheet, so that helps.) I print out several each Sunday afternoon, based on what our plan is for the week, and then she chooses which ones she wants to do when. She enjoys checking out Mommy's Big Binder of Fun Stuff and pulling out word searches, math problems, maps, or whatever else and then coloring them while she works.

I find that she talks a lot about what she is doing while she colors and it naturally evolves into a great "learning" experience. For instance, if she's coloring a picture of Spain, she might start reminiscing about our trip there, and then want to see pictures of our visit to the Barcelona Zoo, and then want to color pictures of animals, which leads to a "lesson" on mammals, which leads to questions about animal habitats, which makes her think of other habitats, like oceans, which means then we're talking about sea creatures, and then reading The Little Mermaid in Italian, and . . . um, yeah.

Morning fun at our house
I could write a lot more, but I'm always late posting these updates (or never get to it at all) because of the time difference. Suffice it to say, nothing about this experience turned out as I expected. And I already have at least three other posts drafted discussing all the things I've learned and want to do the same or differently come January.