Italian Travels (a Photo Post)

Today marks exactly two years since we arrived in Italy (with an abundance of luggage, our cat, and two Agents). So, in honor of that anniversary, I am linking up this collection of photos from ten trips we have taken inside of Italy. (And it's been so much fun, I'm motivated to do another photo post with our trips outside of Italy. Coming soon.)

1. Rome (May 2010): Vatican museums, St. Peter's Square, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain.
Momma and the Senior Agents in St. Peter's Square
E and J messing around in the Colosseum
Agent J chillin at the Roman Forum
(I'm not sure if that's a rock or a cracker in her hand)
With E at the Trevi fountain
(She refused to throw in all three coins)
2. Caserta (June 2010): Skipped the palace tour and went straight to the gardens.
We bypassed the tour of this . . .
 . . . and started walking toward this instead
(which is kind of a steep climb)
Agent J being silly on our walk
Finally at the top (a lot of exertion for the pregnant lady)
3. Pompeii (September 2010): Lots of old rocks and dirt, fun for the Agents.
Hanging out in the amphitheater
Very pregnant Momma and Agent E
A good view of the main street
Julia doing what she does best: getting dirty
4. Siena/Florence/Pisa (April 2011): Our beautiful spring break in Tuscany cut short due to puking.
All of us in Siena
At the Boboli Gardens in Florence
(Agent A looks ginormous in this picture)
Andrew's preferred vacation activity
Hey, looky there . . .
5. Bari/Fasano (May 2011): With the totally awesome drive-through safari where you can feed animals from your car window.
Outside the Basilica di San Nicola
How you doin?
Mmm . . . margherita pizza
Enjoying the view
6. Naples (June 2011): A rare day trip with just Hubby and our smallest Agent.
Ooh . . . pigeons
This statue just screams downtown Naples to me
Outside the Duomo with sleeping Agent A
Naples streets are very crowded/narrow
7. Palermo (July 2011): Our brief visit to Sicily (part of our Disney cruise).
Our view as the cruise ship pulled in
Agents E and J looking bored in front of a cool fountain
Pictures cannot do the inside of this church justice
More of Agent A's favorite pastime
8. Tarquinia (July 2011): Fun visit to a farmhouse and walk around a quaint little town.
Very cool view
Don't worry; they're not drinking the wine
Where there's a fountain, there's a Julia
Couldn't resist the local playground
9. Lerici (July 2011): Castle and dinosaurs followed by gelato . . . I think that about says it all.
The castle we hiked up to
No tour is complete without snacks
Striking a pose on the way back down
Can you see just how wet her outfit is?
10. Perugia/Venice/Florence (August 2011): Final trip to northern Italy, including a return visit to Florence. This was my personal favorite. Love love love Venice and Florence.

Our requisite fountain stop
Fooling around in the square
Little birdie you are not getting my pizza
Pigeon chase!
IRL friends, check out the bar in the background
One of my favorites of me and the Agents


  1. Beautiful photos! Getting to Rome is on my to do list :)

  2. LOVE this! I have a friend who is air force and she just shared with our homeschool group about her 4 years in Italy. It was wonderful! sounds like such a great place to live and visit!

  3. Wow this looks like an amazing adventure!!
    This is so on my bucket list.