It's a Book Party!

Our neighbor recently brought by a huge collection of books for the Agents. Some she used in her preschool classroom, others belonged to her now teenage boys. I cannot even express how thrilled they were with this windfall. They stayed up late perusing them that first night, and then E spent a good part of the next day organizing them and stacking them and flipping through them and reading them to J and A. 

Look at all those books
It made for a great book party. Heck, with the over 80 (!) new books we now own, we can have dozens of book parties.

What's a book party? This is just our silly term for hanging out in the living room with a pile of books.

I'm not really sure how or why we started calling it that, but the Agents love it, and even Agent A will go over and grab his favorite little chair and plop down and start munching on a nice board book.

We go to the library every Friday and stock up on a new selection of books for the upcoming week. I help the process along by choosing several for her to browse rather than expecting her to narrow down the choices on her own.

Book party at Gatwick Airport, London
I love that Agent E enjoys reading so much because I believe it's one of the most important things she can learn, and I hope her siblings follow in her footsteps. A book party is our fun way to motivate them to read a variety of books without required "reading time" each day.


  1. my daughter shares my love of books. Now she has a little brother, she even 'reads' to him and when she asks me to read to her, we never stop at one book, so guess we have book parties too!

    1. One of my favorite memories is 4.5-year-old E reading a Clifford the Big Red Dog book to 3-month-old A lying beside her on the floor. He is totally captivated by every word. (I almost used that photo for this post, but didn't.)

  2. What a fun idea! I can remember my daughter reading to her younger brothers and having books spread out all around her. She's 18 now and heading off to college soon. time flies!

  3. I think calling anything a "party" is a win with kids! I'm going to have to try a book party now. :)

    I love how much Mikko loves books. If we're at the library, he'll zoom around scooping up most of the children's books the librarians have put on display. I like that they're pre-selected for us!

  4. Look at all those books, what a nice gift! Love the picture of reading at the airport. We carry books along with us everywhere!

  5. Heh! Book party! Love it. My daughter likes to bring all of her books into one room and then sit and "read" through them all. What a collection too. Wow! 80 free books. That ought to keep The Agents busy...for a day or two! ;)

  6. Ah, I DREAM of a day when someone brings me 80 new books!

    Totally going to steal the term 'book party' ~ we do much the same thing, but we've never had a snappy name for it. 'Book party' it is, from now on.