Breastfeeding Photos (part one)

Today I'm sharing another photo post . . . this one of breastfeeding art I've discovered on our travels as well as pictures of Agent A nursing in various locations we've visited. All of these pictures have already been shared either in a previous post or on my Facebook wall, but I've never put them all together in one place. And I discovered that I have so many of them that this is going to be part one of two.

These are in no particular order; just how I found them when skimming through my very full iPhoto files. Enjoy.

1. Agent A taking a break at this old Italian farmhouse 
where we had family pictures taken. (April 2012)

2. Sitting outside Westminster Abbey after our tour. (March 2012)

3. A's newfound fascination with holding on 
to something while he nurses. (May 2012)

4. One of the sculptures I snapped a photo of on our visit 
to the Louvre. (December 2011)

5. Four-year-old Agent E nursing Daisy Duck 
at our hotel in Germany. (July 2010)

6. Agent E breastfeeding her doll alongside me breastfeeding 
two-week-old Agent A. (November 2010)

7. Agent A taking a little break on our second trip 
to Florence. (August 2011)

8. Fountain of Neptune (aka, lactating sea nymph) 
in Bologna, Italy. (July 2010)

9. Nursing Agent A in Hyde Park, London. (March 2012)

10. A pausing for milk at the top of the Eiffel Tower 
while E looks on. (December 2011)

11. Waiting for the bus to take us back to the cruise ship 
following our tour in Lerici, Italy. (July 2011)


  1. I love the one with the phone! Too funny!

    And I've always liked the Neptune statue, too!

    1. It's one of my favorites. He isn't too particular about what he has, he just has to hold something. On the day the movers were here packing up our stuff he nursed while holding a tiny slip of packing paper.