Cats and Kids: A Birthday Tribute To Agent C (with lots of photos)

Today is our cat's birthday. Cinnamon (aka, Agent C) is ten years old. She's lived with us for eight years. We adopted her from an animal shelter in March 2005. She had been returned by her previous family, along with her "sister" cat with the request they go to separate homes. (Pretty clear why . . . poor Agent C had this huge cut across her nose/face where the other cat had clobbered her.) 

Happy Birthday, Agent C!
So, Agent C became a part of our family just over a year before Agent E came along. When we brought Eva home from the hospital, the cat was not sure what to make of this new curiosity. Of course, we eventually added two more of those "creatures" (i.e., Agents J and A). Each time I imagined Cinnamon rolling her little kitty eyes at me, as if to say, really people? another one?

Following are some photos we've accumulated throughout the years. Notice the almost-complete absence of Agent J. I'm not sure why this is, although I'd venture to guess the cat figured her out pretty early on and stayed clear.

Toddler Agent E and Agent C

Stay away from my food, kid

What? It's cozy up here

You mean this isn't for me?

Agent E (age 4) practicing her baby-holding skills

Apparently the cat wasn't snug enough

Found you!

Agents E and C cuddling on the couch

Checking up on the cat after her journey from Italy to Virginia

I love this cat

Sidecar co-sleepers: Not just for babies

Nap time


As I'm drafting this, the Agents are next to me at their art table creating a birthday banner and decorations. Later today we'll be making and eating cupcakes in Cinnamon's honor. The (human) Agents can't wait.

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