Dinosaur Day

The weather here in usually warm and sunny Florida is, well, not. Currently 55 F (~ 13 C), dark, and rainy. A good time to stay curled up inside.
Agents have decided they want to have Dinosaur Day. We've got dinosaur books (both from our own bookshelf and the library), dinosaur toys, dinosaur coloring pages, a dinosaur field guide, and a Dinosaur Train DVD marathon on in the background. We even have a dinosaur facts workbook and dinosaur writing pages. I see fashioning dinosaur crafts out of construction paper and toilet paper rolls in my future as well.
Of course, this is one of our focus areas for right now, so we didn't exactly pull the idea out of thin air. I love that they are so excited about our "theme" of the day, though. I see us doing this more often, given our love of long unit studies.

Downside: I'm going to have Come on along with me, we're taking dinosaurs under the sea! stuck in my head for the next 100 years.


  1. Looks like fun! My five year-old is obsessed with dinosaurs and fancies herself a real pterodactyl. It is cute! Stopping by from SITS.

  2. We are in Florida too! We are venturing out to the zoo here for DinoQuest to see some dinos soon. We are getting ready for FCATs here. The kids are homeschooled through Florida Virtual so they are taking the tests.

  3. This seems like tons of fun and I can see how it can be educating as well! Great idea! Stopping in from SITS!