Our Messy Week (a photo post)

We had kind of a week of making messes around here . . . nothing out of the ordinary for us, really. You may remember this:
Anyway, for whatever reason the Agents were very into Things That Tend To Be Melty, Messy, or Mushy this week. Following are a few things we did.

Crashing colors
(I wish I would have taken another picture at the very beginning)

Make your own goo
(both the gooey and dried forms were fun)

Homemade play dough
(decided after the first day we did not add enough flour)

Making new crayons from broken pieces
(always important to stir halfway through)

We even made a mess of our books
(eh, the bookshelf probably needed reorganized anyway)

Our old standby: sidewalk paint
(this picture's pretty neat because they're just getting started)


  1. What a fun week. I love the crayons -- they make me smile.

    1. Thanks, Beth. It's so funny to me that they get all excited about melted crayons, but they do. Every. single. time. Thanks for stopping by.