Agents' Favorite Toys

For this week's Top Ten list, the toys the Agents enjoy playing with most. Because this list focuses specifically on "toys" you will notice many other "play" things (books, art, outside activities, role playing, etc.) are not included. (Maybe a list of Agents' Favorite Activities will be a future top ten post?)

1. Legos. Right now we have the really big Legos out (Agent A still tries to eat small things occasionally) but I definitely see a trip to the Downtown Disney Lego store in our future. (Star Wars legos, anyone?)

2. Barbies. I know folks like to bash poor Barbie, but I have no issues with her. (Face it: Barbie hate is entirely adult-imposed. To kids she's just a doll with cool clothes.) We don't have that many, but they enjoy dressing and undressing them and having them go on various adventures. 
3. Baby dolls. At any given time we have at least half a dozen babies who need to be nursed, read to, put to sleep, or cuddled. They all have names and a backstory. 

4. Play kitchen. This was a gift to us when Agent E was a toddler, so it has gotten many years of use. It's probably one of the only toys we have that we have never rotated out.

5. Dinosaurs. We have a small bin of little plastic dinosaurs. Like the baby dolls, they all have names and a backstory. (Note: Once they grant a name and create a history for a toy, it rarely changes. I honestly have no idea how they keep it all straight, but I find it humorous.)

6. Dress up. This is actually one of the items we have put away right now. It'll be pulled out again soon enough, though. We've included some things like hats/gloves that they will never really need to use here, lots of purses and bags, old Halloween costume accessories, and baby blankets.
7. Little People. Oh, those little plastic play people and animals. Right now there is an arc full of animals and a whole caravan ready to go camping gracing our dining room table.

8. Stuffed animals. Two different types of games here. One is where they have the whole name/backstory thing going on and embark on some sort of adventure. The second is when the stuffed animals take on a specific role of another toy we don't own. For example, we have a Lotso and a Rex, but no other Toy Story toys. So, certain stuffed animals have taken on the persona of the other characters so they can "play" Toy Story. And as is their usual method, they don't change . . . one particular toy is always Woody, another is always Bullseye, etc.
9. Instruments. These include a toy piano, guitar, and xylophone, as well as some they have "created" out of materials around the house. We have a lot of band practice and/or parades here.

10. Push toys. You know those toys designed to "help" toddlers walk by giving them something to hold onto and push along? Um, yeah . . . we still have those in our play room because they still like them. They often become strollers for baby dolls and stuffed animals, and some play music. I don't know what the fascination is, but I've asked recently if they were ready to move them to the donation pile and the response was an emphatic no.

There are definitely toys they love that didn't make this list in my effort to keep it at ten. We have plenty of blocks, puzzles, cars/trucks, and various shape-sorting type games rounding out our play room as well. And probably half a dozen more that I can't even remember.


  1. I love that your kids have names and a backstory for so many toys. My kids don't even use the backstory of toys that come with one! I tried to rotate the dress ups once and the kids were miserable and then raided my closet. We don't rotate dress ups anymore.

    1. Mine have already been asking for the dress up to come back out. They've been taking the sheets off the beds and trying to "fashion" things.