Agents' Favorite At-Home Activities

Recently I wrote about the Agents' favorite toys. Today I'm sharing ten activities they love to do at home (including in the house and in the back yard). 
1. Painting (inside or out). This could be finger painting at the kitchen table, or decorating the patio with homemade sidewalk paint (approximately equal amounts of corn starch and water plus food coloring). 

2. Reading. Our average library book stash is 40-50 books. That's after I have to ask them to put some back because we physically cannot get any more up to the check-out counter and out to the car in one trip. In addition, they have a few old favorites on their own bookshelf that they read over and over again just because.

3. Coloring. Probably the overall most favorite activity of all three Agents. Whether it's coloring books (we have roughly 87,000), just drawing on plain white paper, or coloring as an educational tool, it's something we do every single day. We even take coloring books/coloring pages and crayons on every vacation (per the Agents' request).

4. Imaginary friends. I talked a bit about how they always have a backstory for dolls and stuffed animals in the post about toys. Well, it's not only tangible inanimate objects that have a history around here. There is an entire cast of made-up people/animals sharing space with us. Mostly created by Agent J . . . of course. She has a whole fictional town that exists solely in her mind, including it's inhabitants, their pets, what their houses look like, holidays they celebrate, etc. The town even has a mayor. As with the stuffed critters, the backstory for imaginary friends might get more detailed, but it never changes completely.
5. Watching television/DVDs. I know; the horror. But they love TV and movies. And I like watching with them. We watch almost exclusively Disney Junior, PBS, or DVDs of the same types of shows. For a while they were on a Meerkat Manor kick. Of course, we also see a lot of Star Wars. They also love to put on old "home movies" of themselves as babies. (Agent A finds this especially amusing.) It's just one activity of many they enjoy doing. As with, oh, the rest of life, it's done in moderation. We don't make a huge deal out of it and (gasp!) actually do other things.

6. Sandbox (sand optional). For the majority of the year, our sandbox does not actually have sand in it. Toys, yes. Sticks and rocks, yes. Dirt, yes. Sand? Eh. It doesn't seem to matter to the Agents. They also enjoy using the lid as a "roof" in their makeshift creations on the patio. Or turning it upside down and declaring it their pirate ship.

7. Hideout. Most people would probably call this building a fort. The Agents will correct me every single time. It's not a fort. It's a hideout. Basically this involves dragging all the "big" toys and some chairs to the center of the room and layering them with every blanket/sheet in the entire house. 
8. Role playing. This is similar to #4, except they take on the character of someone in a book, television show, or movie. If they need more than three people to create a scene, then the imaginary friends can also take on roles. My personal favorite is when they "play" Charlie and Lola (complete with fake British accents) and cast Agent A as Soren Lorensen.

9. Computer or Kindle games. Like with #5, I can hear people gasping. But, yes, my kids love technology and games and we use it for school all the time, too. Last I checked, their brains were not oozing out their ears, so I guess they aren't mush yet.

10. School. I know this might seem an odd addition to a favorite activities list. But, they love it and request to "do" school all the time. (Well, Agent E mostly.) We have "school time" pretty much every day (even weekends and holidays) by choice. We even take "school work" with us when we travel.
A Bonus One:

11. Making a mess in the back yard with water and mud. An Agent classic. Often involves removing clothes at the door and a mid-day bath, but totally worth it.


  1. My children absolutely LOVE imaginative play. It is their favorite! :)-Ashley

    1. It's so fun to watch where their thoughts will take them each day. I just try to keep up!