Homeschooling Notes, August 2013

Wrapping up another month of Homeschooling With the Agents. Following is a summary of what we did in August. As with last month's post, I'm mostly considering what we worked on with Agent E (grade 2), but will add a bit about my star kindergarten student (Agent J) at the end, too.


For August we continued with multiplication (per Agent E's request) and added in basic division. 

We are using this multiplication workbook and this division workbook, available at Target for a dollar each. (Fancy curriculum we have here; I know.) 

We did a little more work on measurement and introduced the concepts of carrying and borrowing for two-digit math. We used a few printouts from KidZoneTLS Books, and Worksheet Works

She also continued to explore math games on the Kindle and we found a new website, Hooda Math.


This month Agent E discovered American Girls, and our reading life will never be the same. They may have surpassed Star Wars as her favorite book series. Total pleasure reading book count for the month (chapter books plus leveled readers): 51. 

This does not include the approximately two dozen books we looked at specifically related to curriculum (e.g., animals, weather, countries). Or the fact that she also read everything on Julia's book list. (Yes; our local library loves us.) 

We intended to work more than we actually did on cursive writing and basic grammar. Oh, well. I think she would be content to spend the rest of the school year doing nothing but reading books, but Momma would like to sneak a few other things in there as well.


We continued to study/research/read about animals and added weather. 

I have to admit, we really didn't get very far with weather, even though this is the second or third time we tried to steer our science studies toward that topic. (Maybe it's a sign I should let it go for a while. Hmm.) 

We did find some cool books, however, including Can It Rain Cats and Dogs? and One Well: The Story of Water on Earth.

Social Studies

More world geography and landmarks this month. We used a lot of the same resources we did in July, along with some new books. 

A few favorite reads were A Walk in London, Atlas of Australia, and Shanyi Goes to China

We added a few new Kindle games to our collection as well, including Geography Plus, Geo Wiz, and U.S. State Capitals. 

I also made her a homemade "workbook" of all the countries in Epcot, which we'll be visiting next month. (More details on that coming in a future post.)


For art we read about a few famous artists (Michelangelo, Degas, Munch, DaVinci, and others), colored printouts of their artwork, and even did a few artist-related word searches. 

Found a great book as well: 13 American Artists Children Should Know. (The Agents were not impressed with Jackson Pollock. What is this scribble scrabble? Is this for real?)

In other excitement this month, Agent J lost her first tooth
Kindergarten Fun

I posted earlier this week about how Agent J does kindergarten

Her interest in reading (and her skill level) has really taken off this month. We've progressed past the lowest level of the "leveled readers" into the second and even third level. 

(Giant pet peeve: Some book series use a 1-5 leveling system, whereas others use 1-4 but include a "pre-level 1" category. What in chipmunk heck is that? Level zero? Don't get me started.) 

She has even started reading some early chapter books that were favorites around here two years ago with Agent E, including Mr. Putter & Tabby and Poppleton Pig. She managed to rack up 40 titles on her reading list for August. 

Honestly, we haven't done much else structured with Agent J this month, although she's practiced her writing quite a bit on her own. I'd like to start focusing more on math, but I'm trying to follow her lead with this reading fascination.

Other Stuff

Both girls wrapped up swimming lessons this month, and Agent J started a weekly beginning gymnastics class. 

I considered a few other "class" options for them, but decided that just getting to the Y a few days a week, taking J to gymnastics on Saturdays, and attempting to get involved with our local attachment parenting chapter and a homeschooling group is enough for us right now. 


  1. It sounds like a good August. I will have to look for the book A Walk in London.

    1. Thanks, Beth. It's a fun book. They enjoyed looking at all the places we saw when we visited.