Just Another Day

When we made the decision to homeschool Agent E, I honestly don't think I could even wrap my brain around anything past that first day (maybe the first semester). I certainly couldn't fathom that someday sweet little Agent J would also be "school age" and I'd be doing this school at home gig with two kids.

Yet; here we are. School in our district began today. If we weren't homeschooling, this morning I would have been sending Agent E off to second grade and Agent J off to kindergarten. 

Instead, they slept long past the time the school bus rolled down our street, and then it was pretty much business as usual around here. Breakfast, a trip to the Y, a quick errand, lunch, then school time. (We are Afternoon School People. I know lots of folks like to get up and get cracking, but a morning school routine just does not work here.) Lots of play time and coloring and reading and questions and our usual craziness filled the rest of our afternoon and early evening. 
Agents in August 2011, just before beginning our first homeschool year
I recall feeling a weird sense of sadness after Agent E's first few days of kindergarten at home. I don't feel that way this time around, though. 

Truth be told, I'm kind of excited to start over again with Agent J. 

I no longer panic at the why aren't they in school question when we're out mid-day. I like that there is no morning rush or afternoon rush or drop off or pick up or homework or early bedtimes or alarm clocks. Seeing everyone in my Facebook newsfeed post First Day of School photos does not make me feel the least little bit like they are "missing out" on anything.

Because they're not.

I don't think I've gotten more confident (I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time) but school at home has become so . . . normal. It's is no longer this crazy idea we might try for a year and see how it goes. It's just what we do.

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