Our School At Home (A Photo Tour)

We don't really haven't a school room, per se . . . or even a place we regularly do our work. Usually the Agents will gravitate toward the couch or their Agent-size table and chairs, but really our whole house is used for "school." Following are a few photos showing where/how we do things.

I store extra paper, art supplies, new workbooks, binders for previous years, etc. above the cabinets in the laundry room.
Our library book stash is usually in their bedroom. I used to try to keep it out of Agent A's reach, but I've pretty much given up on that. (Seriously; that kid needs to stop getting so tall.) At least once every few days we do a count to make sure no library books have wandered away or gotten mixed in on their bookshelf (current magic number: 47).
We made a little "book nook" in the corner of their recently re-arranged bedroom (complete with bean bags).
This is an overall shot of their room from the door. They had their beds pushed up together for the last year, but this week decided they wanted to move things around and separate them. So far, so good. 
They spend a lot of time in their room reading. Right now, it looks like this. Note the library books have "migrated" to the floor. Also, I had to take multiple shots to get one of Julia without her tongue sticking out.
We also do work in the playroom. Here's our United States and world maps.
The other side of the playroom (including photo-bombing cat). Yes; that's a toddler bed. No; no one uses it to sleep in. It's their sitting/reading/stuffed animal hospital/etc. area.
We keep our current workbooks out on the kitchen counter. Here's a sample.
We use a pocket folder ($1.00 from Target) to hold our current printouts and a three-prong folder (also $1.00 from Target) to hold any "special" projects we're working on. 
And . . . that's pretty much how we roll around here.


  1. What a cool idea for the toddler bed!

    1. Thanks. None ever used it as a crib (a sidecar, yes, but never with the front on). They love it, though, and don't want to part with it. We considered making it a desk (raising it to the highest level and putting a piece of plywood over it) but even then it was really too short for them. So we have this instead. :-) Thanks for stopping by!